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Fishing is part of the gathering artisan class.[3][4]

  • There won't be AFK fishing.[4]
  • There may be fishing style tournaments.[5]
  • There may be different types of fishing:[6]
    • Smaller game fishing that does not require much thought.[6]
    • Deep-sea fishing will have specific player mini-game requirements and equipment (such as expensive lures).[6][7][8][9]
    • Coastal/lake fishing will be less interactive than deep-sea fishing.[7][8]
  • Fishing will be lucrative if done well.[10]

So fishing we have some fun designs that we want to play with and will likely include the community during alphas to play with those designs and and it's possible that we may you know even take into consideration a popularity among the community of which designs they like best. Fishing's very a fun pastime that's become relevant in MMOs over the past several years and I think that we have some interesting ideas to implement with that, that players will get to try out in alpha.[11]Steven Sharif

Benefits of fishing

Alerynn Fishery.[12]

Fish are used to craft:

Other benefits include:

Fishing poles

Alpha-1 fishing pole 3D render.[14]

Part of creating these systems, especially systems like fishing that have a specific progressive route requiring higher-level equipment- Harvesting tools so to speak- before you're capable of actually harvesting specific types of fish that yield greater materials for players. I mean that's all part of the progression of that system accompanying that obviously is going to be the detail behind you know those tools reflecting the more ornate and higher profession quality that players have.[15]Steven Sharif

Fishing poles are an artisan tool in Ashes of Creation.[17]

Players can obtain fishing pole cosmetics through achievement or purchase.[17]


There may be fishing boats in Ashes of Creation.[18]


Fish in Alpha-1.[20]

Here you're seeing different types of fish. Obviously these all exist probably within the same tier of the fishing profession; and then as you know- as the profession levels up you're going to have access to larger fish; to even perhaps more dangerous fish- we'll see. These are things that players get access to as they level up that progression.[20]Steven Sharif

Fish are gatherable resources obtained with the Fishing profession.[4]

  • There are different tiers of fish available to artisans as they level up their fishing profession.[20]
  • Fish exist in community resource nodes until depleted, then they will respawn elsewhere.[21]


Alpha-1 Fishery on a freehold plot.[22]

You actually see there a small pond, which is actually another type of farmable area that we're going to have available on the freehold system, which is essentially a fishery so to speak. So you know fish play an important role from a raw gatherables a standpoint, but also again because a lot of the components of the freehold system are intended to be processing of raw materials, you know the fishery allows for a focus on specific type of fish gatherables that may only be gathered through the fishery blueprint.[23]Steven Sharif

A fishery is a farmable area that can be placed on a freehold plot. A fishery allows gathering of fish that are unique to the fishery blueprint.[23]


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