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Personal inventory limits[2][3] are tied to a backpack.[4] Material and gatherable items are subject to quantity rather than weight limits. Karawanen and Maultiere are intended to be the primary mode of transportation of goods beyond these limits.[5][6]

  • Maultiere can carry roughly 10 times more than backpacks. Caravans can carry roughly 10 times more than mules.[7]
  • Karawanen will have carrying capacity limits and customizable stats, such as defensive points, speed and number of hired NPC-Wachen.[8]
    • In addition to expanded inventory capacity, caravans also provide ancillary benefits relating to successfully completing trade routes and other quests.[9]

Inventory capacity will be relatively limited for new characters.[9]

  • Inventory expansion and weight management training certificates are available in the Galleria at Großstadt stage economic nodes.[9][10]
  • A player's inventory has sections for different types of items. Quest items for example will not fill a player's regular inventory capacity.[9]

Item stacks will in general have quantity limits based on the type of item.[5]

  • The stacking limit of potions might be one hundred. The stacking limit of food items might be 999 or 1000.[5]

Ein Rucksack ist ein von Handwerkern gefertigter Gegenstand, der Platz für persönliches Inventar bietet.[4]

In order to roleplay you need to be able to represent kind of what your character is doing in that world and you know part of what animation is doing is creating these sockets on the let's say the belt or the backpack that you know can plug in certain types of props or items that are created by the character team.[11]Steven Sharif


Storage points exist at warehouses within nodes and in chests (storage containers) that can be placed in freeholds and static in-node housing.[13][14]

Player housing storage

Chests are a type of furniture that provides localized storage within a specific house.[16][14][17]


Nodes entwickeln sich schnell auf die erste Stufe. Dies ermöglicht NPC-Dienstleistungen, wie den Verkauf von Waren oder die Lagerung von Gegenständen.[25]


Die Accountverwaltung-Seite erlaubt die Vergabe von Crowdfunding/de Gegenständen an einzelne Charaktere:[27]

  • Skins.[28]
  • Gegenstände zwischen Charakteren bewegen, wenn sie nur für einen Charakter verfügbar sind.[29]


Maultiere sind Reittiere, die den Transport von Gütern, Ressourcen und Sammelgegenständen unterstützen, um die Transportkapazität des Spielers zu erhöhen.[30] Maultiere transportieren Güter in einem viel kleineren Umfang als die Karawanen.[31]


Karawanen facilitate the transfer of goods for players wishing to turn a profit.[33]

Das Karawanen-System ist ein PvP-System in der offenen Welt, das sich um Chancen und Risiken dreht. Karawanen erleichtern den Warentransfer für Spieler, die mit Gütern Gewinn erzielen möchten.[33]

  • Karawanen können nur von Knotenpunkten mit (mindestens) Dorf-Stufe versandt, und in Empfang genommen werden.[36]
  • Karawanen können Güter von mehreren Spielern transportieren.[37]

Personal caravan initiation

Personal caravans can be launched from any point of storage.[23]

Versenden von Gegenständen

Social messages sent via mail will be received instantly.[41]

From an item standpoint obviously we can't allow mailing to include any type of resource material or raw gatherable because those are central to the gameplay and transiting through the caravan system and economic regions. But it may be possible to send completed crafted items like you know gear, equipment, stuff like that. But it's something we're still discussing.[41]Steven Sharif

Purchases of anything other than materials and gatherables from integrated auction houses will be mailed to the purchaser.[44]

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