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Nodes exist all throughout the world and the location of said node will determine its type; but this type will be... seen at the first stage of development when the first stage when a node propagates real-time assets in the world; is basically these NPCs, these merchants that come into an area and they offer services and/or you know of stores or whatever the deal may be. You will see the flavor of the node from those merchants. So if it's a military node you'll see military people. If it's... an economic node you'll see merchants. If it's a scientific one you'll see scholars; and if it's a divine one you'll see priests and clerics. So players will have a very firm understanding of which node is which type in order to know how they want to progress.[1]Steven Sharif

Nodes gehören einer von vier (4) Node-Arten an, von denen jede über einzigartige Spezialisierungen verfügt.[2]

  • Spieler können den Typ der Node ab der ersten Entwicklungsstufe (Expedition), anhand den dort anwesenden NPCs feststellen.[1]
Node type.[2] Specialization.[2] NPCs.[2]
Göttliche Nodes Fokus auf Glauben und Fähigkeiten/Veränderung der Ausrüstung Priester
Wirtschaftliche Nodes Fokus auf Handel and Kaufleute Händler
Military nodes Fokus auf Kampf und das Training von Klassen Wachen
Wissenschaftliche Nodes Fokus auf Handwerk und Bau Gelehrte

Ashes of Creation allows you, the player, to decide the fate of the world around you. With each Node Type, you can change the flow of resources and goods in the world. Will you grow the largest Economic Metropolis and help guide the riches of Verra, or will you choose another path unlocking new stories filled with allies and enemies?[3]

Die Node types sind vordefiniert und auf allen Servern gleich.[2]

For example, if a level 4 Scientific Node is destroyed, it will become a Level 0 Scientific Node. It will never be any other Node Type other than a Scientific Node. The location of these Types relates to the influences of the area around the Node.[2]Margaret Krohn

Node-Typen beeinflussen verschiedene Dienste und Systeme auf jeder Stufe der Node.[2]

Node-Typen werden während den Beta-Testphasen endgültig festgelegt.[4]

Beta testing will require that the node types be definitive; and that's because of how node types are integrated into the relating and corresponding neighboring points of interest and those quest lines. So it's not something we can swap very easily.[4]Steven Sharif

Node benefits

Jeder Node-Typ hat eine Superkraft (ultimative Fähigkeit), die freigeschaltet wird, sobald die Node Stufe 6 erreicht (Metropole).[3]

Vorteile einer göttlichen Node

Göttliche Nodes auf Metropole (Stufe 6) können unter sich einen prozedural generierten "Mega-Katakomben"-Dungeon freischalten, welcher mit anderen göttlichen Vasallen-Nodes verbunden ist. In den Katakomben können besondere Bosse mit einzigartigen Beute-Tabellen gefunden werden.[6]

Vorteile einer ökonomischen Node

Wirtschaftliche Nodes that have reached the metropolis stage unlock the linked economy superpower. Economic nodes with this superpower share their Auction house listings with all others.[3]

Economic Nodes that have reached the Metropolis Stage unlock the Superpower “Linked Economy”. Any Economic Node with this Superpower unlocked shares Auction House listings with all the others, meaning that the items listed in one Linked Economy Node can be bid on from any other Linked Economy Node. Linked Economies also connect a Metropolis and any Vassal Economic Nodes belonging to that Metropolis.[3]

The Linked Economy Superpower has the potential to create a massive market that spans the world. This will allow players to attain and sell goods with ease, providing those who have access to these Economic Nodes a faster path to fortune in the lands of Ashes of Creation.[3]

Vorteile einer militärischen Node

Military nodes schalten Kopfgeldjäger frei und verkürzen die Dauer der Verdorbenheit.[8][9]

Scientific node benefits

Sobald eine wissenschaftliche Node die Metropolen-Stude erreicht, schaltet sie die Superkraft Teleportation frei.[10]

  • Bürger einer wissenschaftlichen Metropole können zwischen der Metropole und jeder ihrer Vasallen-Nodes teleportieren, ungeachtet von der Stufe der Vasallen-Node, solange sich diese nicht im Krieg befindet.
  • Bürger einer Vasallen-Node können sich zu der Metropole und wieder zurück teleportieren.
  • Sofern mehrere wissenschaftliche Metropolen gleichzeitig existieren, ermöglichen Luftschiffe den Bürgern der Node sowie deren Vasallen-Nodes schnelleres Reisen zwischen den wissenschaftlichen Metropolen, solange sich die Metropole nicht im Krieg befindet.

This will allow Citizens and Vassals of Scientific Metropolises to do things more quickly than others, as fast travel is limited in the world of Ashes of Creation. They’ll be able to exchange goods and information with ease and get to locations in the world at a quicker speed in order to gather crafting materials to create recipes, as well as participate in limited-time events.[10]

Node elections

Once a node has reached Dorf stage there will be a one week cooldown period before node elections begin.[12]

  • This cooldown period allows players to establish citizenship at the village; which may require them to relinquish previous citizenship at another node.[12]
  • Following the initial cooldown, there will be a one week election process, then from that point on, elections will follow a monthly cadence.[12]
  • Node-Belagerungen may not be declared for 21 days following a node advancing to any stage.[13]
    • This was previously stated to apply only to nodes advancing to Dorf (Stufe 3), not higher stages.[14]

The village stage is a unique stage because that's when the government system comes online and all other stages past village there will have already been a cadence for the election system and it will follow that cadence, but after the initial village stage is completed there will be a one week period where players have an opportunity to establish citizenship at the village that also provides for the cooldown time that is- that would be present on players leaving another node to kind of participate in in this particular node leveling up. But that after that one week period then there will be a one-week election process and then from that point moving forward will be the one month cadence that the node experiences elections on.[12]Steven Sharif

Node elections occur on a monthly basis.[12][15]

Node-Regierungen and mayors are chosen through different methods according to the node's type.[19][2]

Unique node buildings

Each node type has a unique node building associated with it that can be activated at the Dorf stage of node advancement. The unique building plays a central role in the progress of civilization for a server.[3]

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