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Von Spielern geführte Unternehmen

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Shop sign concept art.[1]

Our business owner system... grants players a meaningful existence in the world and rewards them for their persistence, dedication and survivability.[2]Steven Sharif

Spieler-Stände, personal shops, and auction houses enable buying from and selling to other players.[3]

Spieler-Stände Personal shops Auction houses
Player presence
  • An attendant NPC is assigned to the stall. Character does not need to be online or at the stall.[13][5][6]
  • Player must be online and present at the shop.[13][6]
  • Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying their player stall inside the limits of a node.[8]
  • Material losses may occur if the node's warehouse is destroyed during a node siege.[17][18][19][14]
  • Players may be killed while occupying their personal shop and are subject to material loss due to normal death penalties.[14]


Niküan player stall concept art.[20]

If there were ever a cornerstone serving as the bedrock of Niküan trade, then this modest stall would be it. Stacked from floor to thatched roof with all manner of catch, it is prepped for a full day of commerce and trade. Here, haggling is not merely a suggestion, but a requirement.[20]

Spieler-Stände (also called Kiosks and rental stalls) are rentable locations near the unique building in an Economic node[10], in Marktplätze (the constructible building available for placement by mayors of any Stadt (Stufe 4) node or higher), or as business buildings on freehold plots.[22][11]

All nodes do have the ability to spawn player stalls. If you're not an economic node and you don't have a market- that's essentially your unique building- then you can construct essentially what is I guess would be called a... marketplace; and that marketplace will then come with certain services and it will come with a certain number of stalls. The economic node as I recall has the ability to construct an auction house and the auction house serves through the economic means the ability to list and sell items and that comes with additional stalls as well for the players.[11]Steven Sharif

Renting a player stall enables players to sell items as well as provide repair and enchanting services, even when they are not online.[5]

  • Player stalls are rentable by node citizens.[6]
    • Player stalls may be utilized for a period of time based on the price paid to rent the stall.[5]
  • Player stalls are linked to a player's warehouse.[14]
  • Player stalls do not require the attendance of the character or for that character to be online.[6]
    • An attendant NPC is assigned to the stall.[14][5] This may be an "image" of the player.[16]
  • Players are able to input required items for repair and also purchase required materials for that repair.[23]
  • Player stalls may still operate during node siege declaration. This is subject to testing.[24]
info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.
  • Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying their player stall inside the limits of a node.[8]
  • Anschlagbretter that list the items available in player stalls can be accessed from anywhere in the region.[16]
    • These give the location of the stall so players can travel there and purchase the items.[16]
  • Stall sales are also listed in auction houses.[3]
    • This may no longer be accurate.[7]

Personal shops

Certificates to place Personal shops (player-owned shops) may be purchased by citizens and non-citizens from Wirtschaftliche Nodes.[7][8][9]

  • When a character creates a personal shop, a billboard pops up above them with a custom advertisement message for items or services available on that character's person. Purchasers can interact directly with the character to purchase these items or services.[13]

A player shop is where you have a certificate to essentially create a shop with your character and a little billboard will pop up above you as you sit down for that shop and advertise a custom message that you want say that has to sell things and/or services that are on your person. So players can then come up to you and they can interact with you. So you reside yourself to that shop.[13]Steven Sharif

Auction house

Alpha-1 Auctioneer NPC.[26]

If a Node is the Vassal Node of an Economic Node, an Auctioneer NPC appears in that Vassal Node. The Auctioneer allows players to list non-resource/processed materials in the Parent Node’s Auction House, but players cannot bid on items from this Auctioneer. These resources and processed materials must be stored within an Economic Node in order to be listed in that Node’s Auction House. In order to bid, they must still travel to the Auction House in the Parent Node.[12]

Auktionshäuser enable players to list items at specific nodes.[27][28]

  • Previously this was stated to be at the economic node in which the auction house is located. The new quote may not necessarily contradict this statement.[10]
Auction houses allow items and resources to be listed for sale at a specific node location.[27]Steven Sharif
  • A listing fee will be charged to list items in the auction house.[10]
  • Vasallen-Nodes of the auction house node will be able to view items that are listed on that auction house, regardless of node type of the vassal node.[10]
    • This will be possible through an auctioneer emissary NPC in that node.[10]
    • Items cannot be listed in non-economic vassal nodes.[10]
  • Items listed are also visible in community boards (bulletin boards).[7]
That's probably how it's going to be surfaced... Your your mayor is going to have to build it for you.[30]Jeffrey Bard

Auction house locations

Auction houses accompany unique node buildings in Wirtschaftliche Nodes.[12]

Freehold businesses

Business buildings.[33]

If you want to offer sales and services to players visiting your Freehold, consider making room for business buildings. Setting up a potion vendor near a popular hunting area of the game may make your Freehold a destination for adventuring players. There are numerous services your Freehold can offer to other players, such as item shops, consumables within taverns, and resting inns. These services can work without the owner being present.[34]

Business buildings are freehold or node buildings that provide items and services to players.[35][36][37][33][38]

Maintaining businesses requires licensing and payments to the node your Freehold is associated with. This permitting system allows for a certain number of buildings to be constructed on a Freehold. Permits can be obtained from the same node the Freehold was certified from, and buildings that require permits will have an additional upkeep cost.[34]

List of business buildings


Spieler kaufen die Rechte für Spielerbehausungen direkt von der Node.[40] Spieler können Immobilien auch mit anderen Spielern handeln.[41]

  • Behausungen werden einen Grundpreis haben, der mit der Anzahl der Bürger in der Node skaliert.[42]
  • Die entwickler wägen eine auktionsbasierte Methode ab, um neue Immobilien zum Verkauf zu stellen, wenn eine Node sich entwickelt.[44]
    • Es wird einen Zeitpuffer geben, bis die Behausungen zur Auktion zur verfügung stehen.[44]
    • Die akzeptierten Startgebote werden bei einem Mindestpreis starten, der sich an der Anzahl der Bürger orientiert.[44]
    • Am Ende der Auktion gewinnt der Höchstbietende das Haus.[44]
  • Statische Behausungen und Apartments können von anderen Spielern gelistet und verkauft werden.[45][46]
    • Es gibt keine Höchstgrenze für wie viel der Verkauf eines Gebäudes von Spielern einbringen kann.[47]
    • Spielerbehausungen, die während einer Nodebelagerung zerstört werden, können nicht mehr verkauft werden.[48]
    • Grundbesitz kann nicht an andere Spieler verkauft werden.[45] Das kann sich möglicherweise im Verlauf der Testphase noch ändern.[49]

There's no cap essentially in player originated sales. Those are determined essentially by supply and demand as it is within the game and there's no artificial barrier to how high that demand can go.[47]Steven Sharif

  • Der Hausbesitz kann wieder an die Node zurückgehen, wenn der Besitzer es versäumt seine Gebäude-Steuern zu zahlen. Die Steuerschulden und Strafgebühren werden dem neuen Besitzer im Rahmen einer Zwangsvollstreckung in Rechnung gestellt.[42]
  • Spieler werden das Limit für die Anzahl ihrer Spielerbehausungen nicht überschreiten können.[50]

This will allow players to transfer real property goods. This includes ... static housing, this includes apartments that they may own; and they can sell those because those will have a limited and finite quantity.[50]Steven Sharif

Miete- und Leasingkonzepte befinden sich aktuell in der Begutachtungsphase.[50]

Some concepts that we have is going to be rental or leases that could be had allowing players to lease a property for a period of time where they will have control rights over utilizing storage based on the area, controlling the furniture or access point; all that stuff.[50]Steven Sharif

Handel zwischen Spielern

Es wird Handel zwischen Spielern in Ashes of Creation geben.[51][52]

Q: Wird es in Ashes of Creation einen Spieler-zu-Spieler-Handel geben? Wird mich irgendetwas davon abhalten, einem Freund, der neu im Spiel ist, einen Haufen Spielgeld zu schenken, damit er schnell auf die Beine kommt?
A: Nichts wird euch daran hindern.[51]Steven Sharif


info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.
We're going to have a UI... you're gonna put the resources in or they're gonna put the resources in. It'll be like an escrow system and then once [the job] is complete you'll get the item they'll get the money.[54]


Handwerksklassen and their professions.
Sammeln professions Verarbeitung professions Handwerkskunst professions

Handwerksklassen (also referred to as Artisan branches) allow a player to specialize in one or more of the three artisan skill trees: Sammeln, Verarbeitung, and Handwerkskunst.[55]

We want players to interact with each other. We want the professions to make stuff for the other professions that are useful. I am influenced quite a bit by the Star Wars Galaxies style crafting; and just having people in your network that could supply the metal that you need to make your armor, and the flowers that you need to make your potions, and maybe the potions that you need to make your enchantments. That to me was really interesting; and part of the economic gameplay of being a good crafter, being a good gatherer, is having that system; and it really plays into the economic field of a particular server. You can come in and be like, I want to be the the potion mogul here; and having good sources and having a guild that supports you is just really interesting. And without narrowing down what you have access to yourself, it takes away from the ability to achieve that.[56]Kory Rice

Within each of the three artisan classes lies different professions.[57]

Q: How do you feel about players creating alts that allow them to cover every profession?
A: I think that's fine and I think that when we design the game, we design with that in mind as well; and that's why we have certain restrictions on the number of Grandmaster professions that one particular character can do.[58]Steven Sharif
  • There are profession-specific quests.[60]
  • Professions will be balanced based on testing.[61]
When it comes to balancing a system that's something that we do during testing phases. When it comes to architecting the system itself and identifying the areas in which certain certain professions excel, where they interact with ancillary systems, their interconnectivity across the artisanship system as a whole, the important part there is to identify how that the interconnectivity lives with the other professions in the artisanship system. And what type of reliance you have on particular professions to complete the path of crafting or introduction of new items into the economy.[61]Steven Sharif

Berufe des Sammelns

Berufe der Verarbeitung

Berufe der Handwerkskunst

Handwerkliche Lieferkette

AshesOfCreation Screenshot 009.jpg

Artisans within Ashes of Creation must choose a path in their artisan skill tree. This inter-dependency establishes a supply chain from raw materials to finished product.[75][76] Each stage of the chain may require caravans to transport goods from one artisan to another.[77]

  1. Obtaining raw materials:[78]
  2. Refining the raw materials with the Verarbeitung profession.[76]
  3. Handwerkskunst the finished product using its crafting recipe.[76]

As a crafter you're going to want to know where certain recipes can be fulfilled; which nodes have the capability of creating what you've processed material that you've gathered for; and then you're going to want to plan out your route to either transit the goods there or make sure that you're situated in the area so that you can go out collect and build in that area as well. So there's a lot of planning that's going to be necessary.[81]Steven Sharif

Share market

Stock exchanges (also called Stock markets and Share markets) enable players to buy and sell shares in Nodes, Gilden and Soziale Organisationen.[82][83][84]

info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.
  • There is no regulatory commission to restrict the purchase and sale of stocks.[85]



Bürgermeister können Steuersätze für ihre Node festlegen.[86]

Bürgermeister/Node-Regierungen weisen Ressourcen, Steuern, und Aufträge zu , um bei der Entwicklung der Node zu helfen.[89]

  • Steuergelder fließen nur in die Finanzierung der Nodeentwicklung. Dieses Gold kann nicht vom Bürgermeister oder einem anderen Spieler abgehoben werden. [90][91]
  • Die Steuersätze skalieren basierend darauf, wann ein Spieler einer Node als Bürger beigetreten ist. Das Ziel ist es, finanziellen Druck auf die Node-Populationen auszuüben, indem die Steuern mit fortschreitenden Nodes, immer teurer werden, anstatt harte Bevölkerungsobergrenzen einzuführen. [92]

Übergeordnete (souveräne) Nodes erhalten einen Teil von allen Steuern aus Unterkünften und Dienstleistungen, welche von ihren Vasallen-Nodes gesammelt werden. [90][93]

  • Diese Steuer wirkt sich nicht unbedingt auf den einzelnen Bürger, da die Steuersätze der Bürger von ihren Nodes bestimmt werden , aber die Finanzen der Node wird von der Besteuerung beeinflusst, die von seiner übergeordneten Node erhoben wird.[93]

Housing taxes

When a node reaches stage 3 (Dorf) and a player run government has formed, all player housing will pay taxes.[94]

Maintaining businesses requires licensing and payments to the node your Freehold is associated with. This permitting system allows for a certain number of buildings to be constructed on a Freehold. Permits can be obtained from the same node the Freehold was certified from, and buildings that require permits will have an additional upkeep cost.[34]

Housing foreclosures

Housing foreclosures result from failing to pay property taxes or other fees.[98][34]

  • Non-payment of taxes will put the housing into a default status. The player will have a period of time to settle the debt before the housing is foreclosed.[98]
  • The developers are considering allowing pre-payment of housing taxes and/or allowing auto deduction of tax from a designated location, such as their personal inventory or warehouse.[99]
If you don’t pay taxes and other fines, your Freehold property will be foreclosed. When a Freehold is foreclosed on, stored and placed props like furniture are returned to the previous owner. Materials that were stored on a Freehold will be included in the auction for the Deed to that Freehold.[34]

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