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When you gain that corruption you have the potential of losing your completed items, your weapon, your armor, stuff that is very difficult to achieve; and then the other aspect of that is, that in order to deter basically players taking alternate characters and saying this is my PK alt, the more players you kill, the more corruption you gain, the higher your combat efficacy in PVP diminishes. If you're out there and you killed you know 20 players... you will not be able to perform in PVP any longer. You will need to take that character and go work off that corruption. The other aspect of corruption is that if you kill another player, who is a non-combatant and the level disparity between you and that player is great, you will gain a higher amount of corruption from that single kill. To the point where you should not be killing a level one character.[1]Steven Sharif

Wenn ein Kampfteilnehmer (violett) einen Nicht-Kampfteilnehmer (grün) in PvP tötet, wird er als verdorben markiert (rot).[2]

  • Die Verderbnispunkte eines Spielers nehmen mit jeder Tötung eines Nicht-Kampfteilnehmers zu.[3][4]
  • Je grösser der Levelunterschied der Spieler, desto mehr Verderbnispunkte werden verteilt.[3][4]
  • Verderbnisstrafen tauchen auf, sowie die Anzahl an Verderbnispunkte eines Spielers zunimmt.[5] Je mehr Verderbnispunkte:
  • Verderbnis hat einen sichtbaren Effekt auf das Aussehen eines Spielers.[9]
  • Wenn ein Nicht-Kampfteilnehmer einen verdorbenen Spieler angreift, wird er nicht als Kampfteilnehmer markiert.[10]
  • Der Aufenthaltsort eines verdorbenen Spielers wird Kopfgeldjägern auf ihrer Weltkarte preisgegeben.[3][2]
  • Verdorbene Spieler können Kopfgeldjäger töten, ohne zusätzliche Verderbnispunkte zu erhalten.[11][12]
    • Verderbnisstrafen werden im Kampf gegen Kopfgeldjäger negiert.[11]

The more corruption you gain, the less effective you become in PvP and there's going to be a certain period at which point you have gained enough corruption that you're going to be gearless and you're also going to have a massive reduction in your PvP efficacy.[13]Steven Sharif

Reward without risk is meaningless... Corruption is just another word for risk.[14]Steven Sharif

You can't necessarily time perfectly you know the damage or understand even the health of the player. Unless you were in their party you cannot see an opponent's health as well so that's another component that you know adds risk.[15]Steven Sharif


Player corruption is expected to be implemented in Alpha-1.[16]

Verderbnis entfernen

Das Hauptheilmittel für Player corruption ist der Tod. Es ist möglich, dass das vollständige Entfernen der Verderbnis mehrere Tode benötigt.[18][10]

  • Erfahrungspunkte reduzieren die Verderbnispunkte eines Spielers auch langsam.[18]
    Dies führt zu einer lustigen Erfahrung für Kopfgeldjäger, während sie dich versuchen zu fangen während du die Verderbnis abarbeitest.[18]Steven Sharif



Spieler mit genügend Verderbnispunkten sind auf der Weltkarte und auf Mini-Karten sichtbar. Diese Spieler haben eine eigene Markierung auf der Weltkarte, die von einem NPC eines Militärknotenpunktes von mindestens der Stufe 4 (Stadt),und wird nur an jene Spieler verteilt, die den Kopfgeldjäger Titel besitzen.[20] Die Genauigkeit von Kopfgeldjägerkarten wird vom Fortschritt eines Spielers im Kopfgeldjägersystem bestimmt.[21]

Tavernen sind Orte, an denen Kopfgelder ausgehängt werden. Gewinnen Spieler viele Verderbnispunkte, kann es sein, dass Tavernen ein Kopfgeld auf diese Spieler aushängen. Oder sie verlangen, dass ein spezifisches Gebiet von Problem-Spielern gereinigt wird. Dies lässt einen Indikator auf der Weltkarte erscheinen.[22]

Verdorbene Spieler töten Kopfgeldjäger

Verdorbene Spieler können beim Töten von Kopfgeldjägern Belohnungen erhalten.[23]

NPC guards

Guard uniform.[24]

NPC guards will kill corrupted players on sight.[25]


The open world PvP flagging system is designed to deter people from griefing other players.[2]

  • Players can participate in open world PvP with one another without having to resort to murder.[26]
  • The penalties are intended to be severe enough to deter any type of spawn camping.[27]

pvp flagging diagram.png

There are three levels of flagging for world PvP in Ashes of Creation.[4]

  • Non-combatant (green)
    • All players start as non-combatants.[10]
    • Non-forced attacks (such as AoE) will not hit non-combatant players.[28]
  • Combatant (purple)
    • Non-combatants entering an open world battleground are automatically flagged as combatant and remain flagged for a period of time after leaving that battleground.[4]
    • Players are flagged as combatants if they attack another player. If the attacked players fight back, they are also flagged as combatants, otherwise the attacked player will remain flagged as a non-combatant.[10]
    • Non-combatants who heal, buff or otherwise interact with combatants will be flagged as combatants.[29]
    • Non-combatants who attack a player using combat pets (or any other player-controlled entities) will be flagged as combatants.[30]
    • Players can kill combatants without repercussions, and are encouraged to do so, since dying while a combatant has reduced death penalties.[10]
  • Corrupt (red)
    • If a combatant player kills a non-combatant player, they will be flagged as corrupt.[2]
    • Corruption multiplies death penalties and reveals a corrupt player's location to bounty hunters.[2]
    • A player’s corruption score increases with each non-combatant player killed.[4]
    • If a non-combatant attacks a corrupt player, the non-combatant will not flag as a combatant.[10]
    • Corrupted players may kill bounty hunters without acquiring additional corruption score.[12]

A player may not flag on members of the same party, raid, guild or alliance.[31]

  • Players will be able to opt-in (via a checkbox) to allow their beneficial or non-beneficial AoEs to hit flagged players. If this is checked then AoE heals or damage will affect flagged players. If it is not checked then the AoE will not damage or heal any flagged players, and as such will not cause the caster to be flagged themselves (if they are not already).[32]

If you have that check-box for flagging with your AOEs and heals available then you will flag. If you do not have that box checked then on completion of the skill it will not flag you because the check was made at the start that there was a flagged party member; and then he will not he or she will not receive the beneficial effect as a result or the damage, if it's an offensive spell.[32]Steven Sharif

Sieges, caravans and guild wars do not use the flagging system.[33]

You're not going to see griefing in the game very often; and that's because our flagging system. The corruption mechanics are based around disincentivizing a griefer or PKer but still offering the opportunity, should the occasion arise, where the benefits outweigh the risk, you have the ability to do so. If you gain corruption, which is killing a non-combatant - a player who is not fighting back basically - if you gain that corruption, your world has changed. It is not going to be a very beneficial place to be and you have the potential of losing your gear. Your combat efficacy decreases based on the amount of corruption you accrue. It is a comfortable balance between player agency and grief and basically removing player agency for other players.[34]Steven Sharif

Player death

We don't have deleveling, instead what we have is experience debt. Now the more experience debt you accrue, the greater the detriment to your character; not to the point where you can not get out of the debt. There will always be a way forward to remove your debt.[34]Steven Sharif

Respawn lore

There is a storyline that relates to how and why characters respawn and the locations in which they respawn. This will be revealed as players explore the game.[46]

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