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Pre-alpha Schurke/Waldläufer (Predator).[2]

The rogue is master of opportunity, using skill, positioning, and the environment to dish out frightening amounts of damage. In their downtime, they provide solid utility, helping their friends navigate dangers otherwise unseen.

rogue icon new.png Schurke is an archetype in Ashes of Creation.[3]

The rogue is more physical disable oriented: Applying bleeds or snares or having precision damage that's situational. Being stealthy. That's how I view the rogue role... The rogue's like you don't see me, I'm coming in and boom I stab you in the back and I do extra damage because of it. Now you're bleeding and you're trying to snare away and walking away, and that's a rogue in my opinion.[4]Steven Sharif

Rogue classes

Class Primär Sekundär
Assassin Schurke Schurke
Charlatan Schurke Barde
Cultist Schurke Kleriker
Duelist Schurke Kämpfer
Nightspell Schurke Magier
Predator Schurke Waldläufer
Shadow Guardian Schurke Tank
Shadow Lord Schurke Beschwörer


All classes are capable adventurers, but rogues excel at delving the deepest dungeons and finding the most hidden of treasures.[5]

  • Rogues will have utility skills that enable them to discover hidden doors, traps and additional treasures.[6]
  • These will be randomly spawned throughout different times of the day to ensure that encounters are not the same each time.[6]

If you're in a party and you have a Rogue that's available, they'll be able to use that utility skill to discover these random doors that might exist in a dungeon. Now the way we make it so that it's not essentially the same door every time and it's just a first time thing and every time thereafter where that door's at, is these locations are randomly spawned throughout different times of the day so they'll change essentially as you go into a dungeon at different times. So it'll be important and relevant for parties to make sure that they have a diversity of archetypes available to them. And in particular for the rogues case because they can find those hidden type doors and then have access to different types of loot tables based off of that.[6]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngDieser Abschnitt enthält Informationen aus frühen Testphasen. Er wird aktualisiert, sobald neue Informationen verfügbar sind.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Stealth This does not render a player completely invisible.[7] Instead, there will be indicators that can help players "feel out" where stealthed individuals may be.[8] - -


There will not be a theft (stealing/pickpocketing) mechanic in Ashes of Creation in regards to living players.[9][10]

  • There may be quest related actions that involve some form of stealing, but not of actual items from a player's inventory, where the player is identified as the quest's target via a title or some other means.[9][11]

That emergent gameplay is obviously the objective behind how can we accommodate a non-static quest-line; and the way you do that is you can apply a flag to a title and whoever holds that title becomes the target of that quest segment. And this can change too because that title can change- different people might rise up in the ranks of different societies and organizations.[11]Steven Sharif

  • Players are not able to be robbed while occupying their player stall inside the limits of a node.[12]

There is not a theft mechanic for you to walk up to a player that's alive and steal something.[10]Steven Sharif

Dual wielding

Für die ausgewählte Einhandwaffe ist die Beidhändigkeit erlaubt.[14][15]

  • Dual-Waffen werden als einzelne Gegenstände behandelt, die, wenn sie ausgerüstet sind, sowohl Haupt- als auch Nebenhand- Ausrüstungsplätze belegen.[14]
  • Es gibt eine begrenzte Auswahl an Waffen, die beidhändig geführt werden können. [14]
  • Schilde können nicht Beidhändig geführt werden. [16][15]
  • Sroßschwerter können wahrscheinlich nicht beidhändig geführt werden. [17]
Q: Wie werden Animationen funktionieren, wenn zwei Waffen A) eines anderen Typs getragen werden, zum Beispiel eine Axt und ein Dolch; oder B) unterschiedliche Waffengeschwindigkeiten?
A: Doppelwaffen haben ihre eigenen Animationssets; und ... es wird eine begrenzte Auswahl geben, welche Waffen Doppelwaffen sein können. Die Spieler werden diese Auswahl treffen. Sie werden diese Doppelwaffen als maßgeschneiderte Einzelgegenstände herstellen, die, wenn sie ausgerüstet sind, sowohl die Haupt- als auch die Nebenhand belegen; Und wie wir dann mit den Angriffsgeschwindigkeiten umgehen, ist, dass wir Animationen mit einer bestimmten Geschwindigkeit anbieten und diese dann mit einem Modifikator anpassen, der darauf basiert, was diese beeinflusst: entweder die Geschwindigkeit erhöhen oder verlangsamen.[14]Steven Sharif

Rogue augments

There will be counter-stealth mechanics for sure. That's just a natural balancing act of stealth. But additionally with regards to secondary classes, one of those aspects is augments represent the secondary class and some of the- one of the most fundamental aspects of a rogue is stealth whether it be actual invisibility or the ability to sneak around in the shadows or something. So you can almost certainly count on the fact that should you go a secondary class of rogue that there will be the ability to influence your action items from your primary class with the stealth modifier.[19]Steven Sharif


The Schurke archetype is scheduled for release at the start of Alpha-2.[20][21]


Archetype list

Icon Archetype Type.[24]
bard symbol.jpg Barde Magisch
cleric thumb.png Kleriker Magisch
fighter icon.png Kämpfer Physisch
mage thumb.png Magier Magisch
ranger thumb.png Waldläufer Physisch
rogue icon.png Schurke Physisch
Summoner Class.jpg Beschwörer Magisch
tank thumb.png Tank Physisch

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