Voyager pre-order pack

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The Voyager pre-order pack is available from the Kosmetikshop.[1]



Ashes of Creation Might of the Murk pre-order packs.[1]

A swamp is a sweltering mass of stagnation and decay, yet beneath and above the billowing depths, life thrives. For those who know where to look, untapped power may be found. Be wary - as with any power, it is well-guarded, and one would do well to remember that the bog is always watching.[1]

Vorbesteller-Pakete are available from the Kosmetikshop.[3]

Pre-order pack information

Pre-order pack cosmetics are only available during the month they are featured and will never be available again for purchase.[3]

  • In order to own a pre-order pack's cosmetics, you must either purchase the pre-order pack during the month that the cosmetic is featured or have purchased that level pack or higher in a previous month in order to buy the cosmetic as an add-on.[3]
  • Pre-order pack cosmetics will look similar across differing races.[4]

Pre-order pack addons

In addition to the cosmetic items granted with Vorbesteller-Pakete, purchasers will also be entitled to purchase future monthly cosmetics as add-ons for their pre-order pack level and below.[5]

Pre-order pack upgrades

Cosmetics owned prior to upgrading a pre-order pack are retained.[8]

  • Cosmetics in the new package tiers in the month of the upgrade are gained.[8]

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