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{{Alpha-1 weapon skills}}
{{Alpha-1 weapon skills}}
=== Alpha-1 active blocking ===
=== Ashes of Creation Apocalypse active blocking ===
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{{Active blocking}}

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Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges are an Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing mode that aims to test castle siege mechanics.[4]

The Castle Siege mode is another example of a playable slice of the MMORPG that Apocalypse is providing early testing for. While it’s a somewhat smaller scale experience than the one you’ll have in the MMO, the overall flow of taking and defending a castle will remain similar. There’s some additional systems you’ll see in the final product, like the influence of Nodes over the available defensive emplacements, the crafting and deploying of custom siege weapons, and the summoning of siege monsters. These are all things that we’ll be adding on top of this mode upon our release of Ashes of Creation.[6]Margaret Krohn

Alpha-1 siege equipment

Template:Alpha-1 siege equipment

Alpha-1 class kits

Six classes will be present in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges and Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[10]

These classes relate to the trinity of classes: Tank, DPS and Support.[10][11]

  • Skills/abilities are not tied specifically to weapons in castle siege mode.[12]
    • It was previously stated that weapon skills are applied to augment a class' base skills.[8]
  • Base class skills may be able to be selected from a host of available skills for that class based on a player's progression within that season.[8][13]

We had a little bit of an idea that we're going to explore with regards to each of the classes having a range of skills and abilities that players can customize that skill kit based on their progression within a season, let's say; and that progression can be gained from any of the modes and it would grant you the ability to kind of customize that skill kit for the before the siege mode or the horde mode. But that's something that might come at a later date.[13]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse classes only apply to Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges and Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[14]

Alpha-1 testing modes

Template:Alpha-1 testing modes

Alpha-1 Gruppengrößen

Gruppengrößen in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse.[15]

There will be an option in the lobby where you are capable of joining a guild based match that you can link parties together up to a maximum of twenty individuals.[15]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse combat

Alpha-1 Kampfziele

Action combat in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse utilizes a targeting reticle.[17]

  • A hot key can be used to toggle reticle mode on and off.[17]
  • Left mouse click is used for basic weapon attacks.[18]
  • Right mouse click is used as a "focus" button. It can also be used to activate root motion attacks for melee.[18]
  • Combat targeting uses hitbox registration in three separate regions: Upper body, lower body and head.[19]
  • Certain weapons and skills have ADS (Aim Down Sights) functionality.[20][21]

There will be aim down sights. You may have seen it that you can aim down sights on weapons; and there will be scopes on like crossbows and stuff that - arcane scopes - that you can use.[20]Steven Sharif

Some spells do have ADS. There's a long-range meteor blast that can be used from one of the spell books; and that has an arcane zoom in. It lets you zoom into a target.[21]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 will test hybrid action/tab combat.[22][23]


Kopfschuss-Mechanik will be implemented in Ashes of Creation based on testing.[24]

  • If headshots are implemented, they will be along the lines of a higher critical chance.[24]

The idea behind headshot in the MMORPG is that, if we do implement headshots - part of this testing is to determine if we will - but if we were to implement headshots it will be along the lines of a higher critical chance. So basically hitting a skillshot on the head will increase significantly the opportunity for that damage to be critical. Will they one-shot? Absolutely not.[24]Steven Sharif

Headshots in action combat are equivalent to a critical hit in tab targeted combat.[25]

  • Players relying on tab skills will have a fixed critical hit chance every time they use an ability or weapon.[25]
  • Players using action-based skills are going to rely on getting a head shot or hitting a critical spot on the opponent.[25]

So if you take a look at like kind of what a head shot represents: A head shot is basically a critical hit; and players who are relying on tab skills will have that critical hit chance baked into their character. They will have that fixed chance every time they use an ability or use a spell or swing a weapon; and then somebody who is kind of preferring you know action based, in order to get that crit, they're not gonna be relying necessarily on their stats they're gonna be relying on whether they get a headshot or not, or are able to hit that critical spot on that character. So that's kind of the direction that we're going in that way. Again, it's gonna be hybridized so there's gonna be a little bit of both happening in both places.[25]Jeffrey Bard

Weapon and armor skills

Weapons and Armor are tied to skills in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse.[26]

  • Swapping between weapons will allow players to access the different skills on their hotbar.[26]
  • Certain armor pieces have utility and defensive skills, such as like Camouflage, Polymorph and Battlefield wall.[26]
  • Weapons are tied to one specific skill in early testing, but this may change.[27]

Weapons will have skills associated with them and they'll will rest on a hot bar and you can swap between the weapons on the hot bar and that'll allow you to access the different skills. Additionally the breastplate, the leggings: Those also have skills associated with them those are more utility and defensive abilities, such as like camouflage, polymorph, battlefield wall; that kind of stuff. Those are on the armor pieces and then they are associated with right now the VC hotkeys for their abilities.[26]Steven Sharif

Right now weapons are tied to one specific skill; and you know that's just again because we're so early in alpha 1; but well probably be changing that as we continue to iterate and test.[26]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 weapons

Template:Alpha-1 weapons

Alpha-1 weapon skills

Template:Alpha-1 weapon skills

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse active blocking

Es gibt einen Schild in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, das eine eigene Hitbox mit Lebenspunkten (HP) hat. Dieser Schild kann Projektile aktiv abwehren.[28]

Weapon use ability status

A revised weapon use combo system may be present in Alpha-1.[29]

The weapon use ability that was originally shown at PAX West 2017 was reduced to a basic form in Alpha-0.[30]

It's got a little bit of a cadence to it: you can tap, you can generate focus; and so from here we'll look at ways in the future to take that and make it more interesting and more fun and more engaging.[30]Akil Hooper

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse healing

Healing in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse will be reticle based (action targeted).[31]

We have a few design theories on action combat and healing to began with phase one. Part of that will be the implementation of a class system into the castle siege and horde mode of phase one. Those will be kits that play out as skills available from an action perspective. You'll be able to target in proximity, basically so positioning is going to matter. Importantly, for healers being close to the individual party members you wish to heal. Additionally, you'll have reticle based healing methods. This would be a template that could be launched in that direction as a pulse of heels or augments. So there's a lot of different systems are playing with that you'll see more of when we get to those when we get to the castle siege system and the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[31]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 armor

Template:Alpha-1 armor

Alpha-1 armor skills

Template:Alpha-1 armor skills

Alpha-1 modular armor

Kaelar base level Ashes of Creation Apocalypse robe set.

You can kind of start to see like some of the components that we put together that we can mix and match and kind of make new armors from. This is kind of like the base chassis for all of that.[34]Jeffrey Bard

This is what we call our t-shirt and pants. So this gives you a perfect example of just how the most basic you'll ever look in alpha. So even our most basic look, we're really trying to bring it and put a lot of detail in it.[35]Mat Broome

Empyrean level 20 (tier 3) plate armor.[36]
Kaelar level 20 (tier 3) plate armor.[37]

Your base look for the character can be pretty boring, but what Steven gave us a challenge with from day one was to make sure even the base look, the t-shirt and pants, looked amazing... This is your zero character, if you will... Then you can go in and customize everything from the shoulder pads to the elbow pads, the belt that goes around them; do you want duel belts, you want to harness the clothes in the front. So every piece you see on here you can actually customize that at the front end. So what we do is we scale that up from zero, ten and twenty... We scale it up and we customize it; and then I want to really stress that each one of those looks as you progress is different. We're not just repurposing the same armor pieces. We're making unique sets that complement each other as you progress.[34]Mat Broome

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse will have three different armor themes: Plate, leather and robe.[35]

You can actually have three different types of themes: You have plate, you'll have leather and you'll have robe. So for every armor set that we're showing at each one of those tiers, you're actually gonna have nine unique looks to pick from.[35]Mat Broome

Alpha-1 user interface

The Ashes of Creation user interface (UI) is built with customization in mind.[39]

The UI will be very adaptable for many play styles.[40]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 mini map

There is an in-game mini map and compass user interface in Alpha-1.[41][42]

Alpha-1 hotkeys

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse gameplay settings.

Players are able to customize their keyboard control scheme.[44]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale gryphon redeployment.[46]

Press B to redeploy your gryphon when you're high enough in the air![46]

Alpha-1 camera settings

Template:Alpha-1 camera settings


Ashes of Creation Apocalypse may have controller support.[48]

Controller support will likely be something we work on closer to launch.[50]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 release schedule

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Alpha Alpha-1.[51] It is possible that Alpha-1 is released prior to horde mode.[52] 2020.[53]


Alpha-1 testing

Statistics from the December 2018 testing of Ashes of Creation Apocalypse.[54]
  • There were 86,000 registered logins from unique accounts.[55][56]
  • There were 16,000 daily active users (DAU).[57]
  • There were approximately 3 - 4,000 concurrent users each day.[58]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale initial testing proceeded as follows.[59][60]

Glorious Ashes Community, we are expanding our testing group this weekend to include all Alpha 2 backers. We will also be lifting the NDA for the Phase 1 Arena testing going forward. Testing tonight will be starting at around 6:30pm and will be running till Sunday evening. With intermittent maintenances during the tests. We are happy to announce the testing is going very well and we are collecting a lot of useful data. In the weeks moving forward we will begin to announce invites to all beta backers and all A0 testers, before eventually inviting all registered users.[59]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges and Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode testing schedules will be similar.[60]

  • Alpha-1 testers will test for the first month.[60]
  • Alpha-2 testers will be invited following that.[60]
  • All other backers will be invited afterwards.[60]
  • Finally, testing will be opened to all registered users.[60]

A2 will be invited for the br mode, then we will invite all backers, then all registered users. When the castle siege mode is implemented a1 will test alone for the first month, then we will follow the same invite schedule as the br. Same for horde.[60]Steven Sharif

Only Alpha-1 testers gain access to Alpha-1.[62]

Alpha-1 stress test

Template:Alpha-1 stress test

Alpha-1 servers

Alpha-1 servers will be provisioned in the following regions.[63]

Alpha-1 servers will support 1,500 concurrent users.[65]

Alpha-1 participation

There are slightly under 10,000 participants in Alpha-1 testing.[66]

Our target goal from a testing standpoint was ten thousand players. We have just under that - I believe we have 9,300, and we wanted to keep that manageable. Our intent is to have two servers that we have up and running for Alpha 1 Phase 2, with 5000 on each. Our goal ultimately is 10,000 concurrent, but we’re going to begin stress-testing at 5000.[67]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 NDA

Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1, Beta-2 are not covered by NDA.[68]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress testing NDA was lifted on 19 October 2018 at 6:30PM (PDT).[59][69]

Stress testers may discuss their experience. However visuals, including streams, video recording and screenshots for the stress test are under NDA. Unlike other studios, our community quite literally is first in, to Verra. And the stress test might be messy... Only visuals are under NDA.[71][72]Steven Sharif


Q: There are a lot of concerns about deadlines and expectations not being met when it comes to times that are continually pushed back. Will this be resolved?
A: We are in active development, and understanding that for the betterment of our game, we may sometimes have to delay previously provided times and dates in order to make sure that you, as the player, have the best experience. That being said, we strive to meet our windows of time that we provide and will be transparent if these times change.[14]Margaret Krohn


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