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Statische Behausungen furnishings and home decorations in an Alpha-1 village node.[1]

If the node advances players can essentially select an option on their house as they own it that they want it to upgrade to the next stage if the node advances or they can select an option not to upgrade it. So you as the node levels and larger homes become available, the town stage introduces additional medium types housing, the city stage introduces large sized homes, and in the metropolis stage introduces my mansion size houses each of which contain specific... allowances and allotments for different types of furnishings that have gameplay implications.[1]Steven Sharif

In-node housing can scale in size with the advancement of it's parent node. This may be toggled on or off by the player.[1][2]

  • The Village stage offers small housing types.[1]
  • The Town stage introduces medium housing types.[1]
  • The City stage introduces large sized homes.[1]
  • The Metropolis stage introduces mansion size houses.[1]

If you choose to keep the same size then the next stage will have an occupied small home. So for instance if at stage three there are 8 small home and you own 1, then at stage 4 there are 10 new small homes of which x are owned by previous owners, and 10 new medium homes of which x are owned by upgraded small home owners.[3]Steven Sharif

New property becomes available at each stage of advancement, but it will be more akin to what was available at the previous stage.

  • Only the houses that existed at the Village stage will become main street mansions at the Metropolis stage.
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