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Food and drink concept art.[1]

You know what they say, a loaf a day will keep the hunger away![1]

Food and drink in Ashes of Creation will provide benefits (buffs) based on the type of consumable.[2]

  • The higher quality the food item, the greater duration of the buffs.[3][4]
    • Buffs from some very high quality consumables may persist through death.[5]
  • The quality and duration of food buffs can be increased through the furniture system.[3][4]
    For example if you have a completed dish and you process that dish inside of let's say an oven that has to be constructed and placed within a certain grade home, you can increase the effects.[4]Steven Sharif
  • Food buffs can also be proximity-based, such as with tavern consumables.[4]
  • Consumable items will not degrade over time.[3]
  • Ashes of Creation is not a survival game. Characters will not need to eat food to stay alive.[2]



Item Icon Type Rarity Level requirement Source Cost
Health Potion Health Potion icon.png Potion Common
Mana Potion Mana Potion icon.png Potion Common

Tavern consumables

Players will be able to buy food and drink from a Tavern, some of which will be supplied by the tavern owner or other patrons that they get their menu from. These consumables will offer tangible benefits to players that stay within a certain proximity of the tavern itself.[8][4][9][10]

  • Tavern buildings can be upgraded to increase the proximity radius that the consumables provide.[4]

If a player chooses to construct a tavern or a business on their freehold, they can offer food through that tavern and players who are visiting the area doing hunting quests can visit the tavern, eat food if it's available, and they will receive a buff that is proximity based essentially if they hunt around that person's business... Additionally that business can be upgraded through the access of additional blueprints as well as resources that need to be then poured into the building; and if they do so that proximity radius expands.[4]Steven Sharif

Characters will have some agency over what consumables are available in taverns.[8][4] This could be tied to supply quests or available resources within the region.[11]

Characters will have a defined region of agency over what is available in the different taverns, whether they be taverns located within the city or taverns located on a freehold; and those could be tied to supply quests that are then done by the players. They could also be regionally determined by availability of resources.[12]Steven Sharif

If you're a tavern over on the western side you might have different grains, spices and mead there; and over on the other side of the world there might be taverns with completely different things.[12]Jeffrey Bard


AshesOfCreation Screenshot 020.jpg

Kochen ist ein Handwerksberuf in Ashes of Creation.[13][14][15]

Um Kochen relevant zu machen, muss jedes Lebensmittel etwas tun können.[2]Peter Pilone

Rezepte können entdeckt und kombiniert werden, um einzigartige Gerichte zu kreieren.[2]

Du kannst Items die kochst mitnehmen und falls du möchtest, diese anschließend in einem Geschäft platzieren.[13]Steven Sharif

Handwerklich hergestellte Möbel können Boni enthalten, die von der Qualität der Möbel abhängen.[4][16]

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