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box warning orange.pngAnfrage: On the July 31,2020 livestream, Steven mentioned that items sold in player stalls as well as those for sale in auctions are listed on a community board (bulletin boards).[1] Previously it was mentioned that player stall items are listed in auction houses. Are player stall items listed in both places or just in bulletin boards?
Niküan player stall concept art.[2]

If there were ever a cornerstone serving as the bedrock of Niküan trade, then this modest stall would be it. Stacked from floor to thatched roof with all manner of catch, it is prepped for a full day of commerce and trade. Here, haggling is not merely a suggestion, but a requirement.[2]

Player stalls (also called Kiosks and rental stalls) are rentable locations near the unique building in an Economic node[4] or in Marktplätze (the constructible building available for placement by mayors of any Stadt (Stufe 4) node or higher).[5]

All nodes do have the ability to spawn player stalls. If you're not an economic node and you don't have a market- that's essentially your unique building- then you can construct essentially what is I guess would be called a... marketplace; and that marketplace will then come with certain services and it will come with a certain number of stalls. The economic node as I recall has the ability to construct an auction house and the auction house serves through the economic means the ability to list and sell items and that comes with additional stalls as well for the players.[5]Steven Sharif

Renting a player stall enables players to sell items as well as provide repair and enchanting services, even when they are not online.[6]

  • Player stalls are rentable by node citizens.[7]
    • Player stalls may be utilized for a period of time based on the price paid to rent the stall.[6]
  • Player stalls are linked to a player's warehouse.[8]
  • Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying their player stall inside the limits of a node.[9]
  • Player stalls do not require the attendance of the character or for that character to be online.[7]
    • An attendant NPC is assigned to the stall.[8][6] This may be an "image" of the player.[10]
  • Anschlagbretter that list the items available in player stalls can be accessed from anywhere in the region.[10]
    • These give the location of the stall so players can travel there and purchase the items.
  • Stall sales are also listed in auction houses.[11]
    • This may no longer be accurate.[1]
  • Players are able to input required items for repair and also purchase required materials for that repair.[12]
  • Player stalls may still operate during node siege declaration. This is subject to testing.[13]

Player stalls, personal shops, and auction houses enable buying from and selling to other players.[11]

Player stalls Personal shops Auction houses
  • Listing fee.[4]
Player presence
  • An attendant NPC is assigned to the stall. Character does not need to be online or at the stall.[16][6][7]
  • Player must be online and present at the shop.[16][7]
  • Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying their player stall inside the limits of a node.[9]
  • Material losses may occur if the node's warehouse is destroyed during a node siege.[18][19][20][8]
  • Players may be killed while occupying their personal shop and are subject to material loss due to normal death penalties.[8]

Personal shops

Certificates to place Personal shops (player-owned shops) may be purchased by citizens and non-citizens from Wirtschaftliche Nodes.[1][9][14]

  • When a character creates a personal shop, a billboard pops up above them with a custom advertisement message for items or services available on that character's person. Purchasers can interact directly with the character to purchase these items or services.[16]

A player shop is where you have a certificate to essentially create a shop with your character and a little billboard will pop up above you as you sit down for that shop and advertise a custom message that you want say that has to sell things and/or services that are on your person. So players can then come up to you and they can interact with you. So you reside yourself to that shop.[16]Steven Sharif


Anschlagbretter are available within nodes[23] and player taverns.[24]

Funktionen des Standes

Player stalls have a visually representative aesthetic that indicates the items for sale at that stall.[28]

  • For example: Potions, Fabric will be visually represented in a stall.

The number of stalls in a market scales with the node's size.[29]


Player stalls must be renewed regularly.[9]

  • Renewal is disabled once a Node siege is declared until the siege resolved.


info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.

An escrow system is planned to prevent griefing in the crafting system.[30]

We're going to have a UI... you're gonna put the resources in or they're gonna put the resources in. It'll be like an escrow system and then once [the job] is complete you'll get the item they'll get the money.[30]


Players are not able to be attacked or robbed while occupying a player stall.[9]

Player stalls may not be renewed during a siege declaration.[9]

Reparatur von Gegenständen

Schmiedekunst concept art.[31]

For example: if you have an iron sword and then the sword gets damaged from use, you have to use more iron to repair it; and what that does is... make sure that there's significant sinks in the game for base materials so that you are creating a scarcity and demand that's present on the creation of higher goods as well as supplying the necessary decay components for the world.[32]Steven Sharif

Reparatur von Gegenständen will cost crafting materials.[33][32][34]

There will be ways to repair destructible structures (such as walls and gates) and also repair (or re-craft) siege weapons that were damaged during sieges.[39]

  • This is a long term design goal that was not present during Alpha-1.[39]
There's a lot of ancillary activities that can be had during sieges... It's obviously strategy and tactics and you know raid-versus-raid components, but also you want to have individual contributions where players can do things during the siege to aid in the greater effort so to speak; and it doesn't require you having 50 people by your side to effectuate that influence over something. So repairs are great ways to do that. Repairs for walls, repairs for gates, being able to spawn and essentially craft the designs for specific types of siege weapons to provide those to the team.[39]Steven Sharif

Berufe der Handwerkskunst


A companion app (mobile app/web interface) allows players who are not logged into the game to have authority over certain services and mechanics.[41][42] Some functionality may come post-launch.[43]

Specific dates that you can have running as reminders in your guild UI, this will also be something that I would like to be available on the mobile companion app as well. So essentially you can receive notifications via a calendar update on guild events that the leaders or the officers have the ability to pin within the game will also give you notifications on the mobile app as well. That's my intention at least.[47]Steven Sharif
Some of it may come post-launch... but we do want people to interact with the game on their phones when they're away from the computer; and we're going to do as much as we can to make that cool.[43]Jeffrey Bard


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