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Alpha-2 Handwerkskunst professions user interface screenshot.[1]

Crafting and gathering is a very important component of the economy that players will have direct control over. Whether you wish to build a sprawling plantation around your house, or wish to travel the vast wilderness in search of treasure and resources. There are many tools available to the crafters of our world. Regardless of how you gather your resources, we believe that every item that exists in the world should in some way reflect its creator. As such, there will be extreme versatility in our crafting system – giving crafters the ability to create unique items that represent their strengths and weaknesses.[2]

Handwerkskunst is one of the artisan classes in Ashes of Creation. It is a driving force for the game economy.[2][3]

Anything that you want to bring into existence in the world is going to be built by players: Whether that is Schiffe, Siege engines, Waffen, Rüstung, etc.[4]Jeffrey Bard
It's unlikely that organized parties will be able to get all of the materials they need to craft every piece of equipment from farming open world dungeons alone.[13]Cody Peterson
There is no labor or energy system in Ashes. However, that's not to say that crafting will not be difficult. Crafting is very difficult; but it is because it is difficult that it will be very rewarding as well.[14]Steven Sharif

Berufe der Handwerkskunst


First look at the work-in-progress Alpha-2 crafting UI by Colby Marchi.[15]

This one is showing the base needs that we were establishing to get this system in-game and usable as soon as possible. So right now, our crafting does work in game and it's all functional and we're building out the functionality as we go to expand; and based on what we test.[15]Colby Marchi

The developers will be seeking testing feedback on the addition of a gameplay layer to crafting that determines the outcome based on the player's performance.[12]

For example, if you're creating a sword, and you are crafting that sword, you will have an interface- a gameplay layer that you will see and you will begin to hammer actually that sword into an appropriate outline. And your performance there can help influence the outcome of that craft.[12]Steven Sharif
Without getting into too much detail I will say that it's likely that you will see some inspiration surface itself in that regard.[16]Steven Sharif
  • Previously it was stated that repetitive skill-based crafting mechanics, such as mini-games, are not an intended part of the crafting experience.[16][17]
We did discuss that type of a feature where the skill of the crafter would grant a greater window of skill-based type crafting. So the higher master level you have of crafting a certain item, the greater your potential to impact the quality of that item might be... The concern obviously that we have when going into developing this type of system is that we don't want what is a fun - for lack of a better term - mini-game to be something that becomes repetitive and makes it monotonous... If when we start to flesh out the crafting system and we take a look at that interaction of melding crafting, the actual activity of making something, there is room in the design sheet for different iterations of that particular action; and we may see something come about that can be skill oriented, but that's something that's going to require a lot of testing and different iterations from a design standpoint.[17]Steven Sharif
  • Players are able to specialize in focused crafting branches.[18]


Imposing Plate Belt recipe Alpha-1 Bildschirmfoto. Bildnachweis: Guild:Overlord

Handwerkskunst in Ashes of Creation is recipe (blueprint, schematic) based, not RNG based.[19][20]

  • There will definitely be rare recipes.[21]
  • Recipes that are obtained must be committed to a player's recipe book prior to that recipe being able to be used for crafting. This "consumes" the recipe.[22]
    • Recipes can be traded or sold prior to them being committed into a player's recipe book.[22]
  • Within a crafting recipe, there are dials (based on artisan specialization) that are used to customize crafted items, such as:[23]
    • Increasing one stat at the expense of another.[24]
    • Making an item more magical versus more physical.[24]

I think Star Wars Galaxies had a great crafting system... The resource gathering and the crafting system altogether as a whole really was I think way beyond its time. That's the direction we want to go, where there's choices to be made in the crafting system and those choices change what you end up with... It's not just about doing X recipe to get Y item. You know, there's actually thought involved in it and there is a market to be captured based on those decisions.[25]Jeffrey Bard

The ability for players to create original recipes will not be present in the game at launch, but may be included at some point in the future.[21]

  • Crafting does not have mixing and matching (of arbitrary materials) in the manner of animal husbandry.[26]

Erhalten von Rezepten

There are many different ways to achieve recipes. We want to take crafting and house the location of those recipes throughout different progression paths, so that not everything is pigeon-holed into one way forward.[27]Steven Sharif

Rezepte are discovered in the world.[21][28]

We're definitely going to have rare recipes. We're going to have a very active recipe market that how players find them and how they discover them is going to be very diverse. It's not just going to be drop oriented. It's going to be discovery, adventurism, treasures, repetition of a particular activity that might yield something, deconstruction that might learn how to create a recipe. There's a lot of different functionality that's present that's going to be utilized.[21]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.

A royalty system where players can license recipes to other players for a certain amount of time and collect royalties was discussed as a possibility.[28]


Tanner's lodge.png

Materialien (also known as processed goods and crafting materials) are obtained in the following ways:

The quality of crafting materials will influence the quality of the crafted item.[32]

Players drop materials and other items upon death, based on their applicable death penalties.[33][34][35][36]

List of crafting materials (processed goods)

Hochwertige Materialien

Materialien for crafting high-level items are obtained from world bosses and through the deconstruction of other high-level items.[30]

Many end level items with crafting will require mats from world bosses etc. we want those systems intertwined. However. There may be opportunities to deconstruct high level items and replace those needed materials as well. We will be testing the crafting trees in alpha and beta.[30]Steven Sharif

Crafting stations

Crafting stations (also referred to as Crafting benches) are workstations located on freeholds or within nodes.[39][40][41][6][7]

Q: Can crafting stations be mobilized / moved and can they be placed anywhere in the world?
A: It depends on the crafting station. There are going to be different tiers of crafting stations that represent the quality of item you're looking to create within that specific profession. There's going to be crafting stations that can be utilized by players within their freeholds and then crafting stations that are resigned only to the development of particular nodes, within particular areas, or particular buildings... There's a wide variety of those things to make it a more dynamic experience and something that caveat how players decide to build the world and what the value of those things are.[6]Steven Sharif

List of crafting stations

Hergestellte Gegenstände

Handwerkskunst UI. Alpha-1 Bildschirmfoto. Bildnachweis: Guild:Overlord

Hergestellte Gegenstände (also referred to as Completed items, Finished goods, or Final products) are items produced by crafter artisans using crafting stations.[47][40][41][48][6][7]

Crafted gear in the game is the best gear... One thing that I'm not a fan of is that you develop a crafting system in a game and you've spent a lot of time making this from a material and resource perspective. All the tables that you can receive, all the connectivity in the economy and how crafting is associated with the game; and then you undermine the crafting entirely by presenting a separate route of gear acquisition that is on-par with the crafting efforts. So here you have these people who are acquiring all of the resources getting, all the recipes, leveling up their professions and then everything they make is less or equal to anything you could just have chosen the easier path of and gone down the questing and received the best gear. So what we do focus on is that crafters make the best shit. Excuse me, the best things.[48]Steven Sharif
That plays into our crafting system in and of itself. The idea is for those stats to be variables that can be dictated based on the mastery level of the particular crafter; and the higher they become a master of those professions, whether it be for armor or for weapons or for accessories, they're going to have some agency and put their mark on essentially what items they're introducing into the economy.[57]Steven Sharif
We believe that every item that exists in the world should in some way reflect its creator. As such, there will be extreme versatility in our crafting system – giving crafters the ability to create unique items that represent their strengths and weaknesses.[2]

Fertigkeiten und Werte auf Ausrüstungsgegenständen

Handwerkerkönnen der Ausrüstung verschiedene Fertigkeiten/Fähigkeiten und Werte zuweisen .[54][55]

Handwerker werden in der Lage sein, Stats neu auszurichten; und es wird ein paar andere Möglichkeiten geben, Dinge zu verschieben, um sowohl das Aussehen als auch den Stat zu erstellen, nach dem ihr sucht. Es wird nicht immer einfach sein. Damit sind viele Herausforderungen verbunden. Aber das Ziel ist es, euch die Möglichkeit zu geben, eure Ausrüstung so anzupassen, wie ihr es wollt[54]Jeffrey Bard

Nicht alle Rüstungssets werden die Vorlage-Art von Set sein. Sie werden die Einflüsse des Handwerkers enthalten, wenn es sich um ein handgefertigtes Set handelt. [55]Steven Sharif

Die Ausrüstung ist in Kernstatistiken und Zusatzstatistiken unterteilt.[62]

Suite zur Gegenstandsherstellung

An "item creation suite" that allows crafters to create unique appearances for items has been discussed as a future possibility.[63]

Handwerkliche Entwicklung

Progression within the artisan tree occurs based on experience (repetition of tasks) as well as achievements of certain benchmarks within each branch (Sammeln, Verarbeitung and Handwerkskunst).[64]

  • Choosing a specific path in the skill tree allows the player an opportunity to specialize in a certain area. This encourages player inter-dependency, enhancing the artisan experience.[18]
When we reference not being masters of all that doesn't mean you're not a master within your own one of the three artisan types, which is crafter or gatherer, processor. You will be a master of one of those, you will not be master of the other two.[65]Steven Sharif
Q: In regards to character level and artisan level. We know that currently there are two separate things. That being said, what prevents a player from staying level one and partying up with a level 50 player to then gather level 50 resources in the high zones? That way, anyone who wants to take those resources will have to kill the gatherer who is level one and get a large amount of corruption for killing a level one as a level 50.
A: Gathering higher level resources requires significant advancement within a particular profession for that gatherable resource. So, if I'm a Miner and I want to access the highest possible mineral, I need to be a master miner; and in order to achieve the master minor status I am going to be gaining adventuring level experience through that process, because many of those quest lines, many of those achievements are facilitated through quest lines. Some of those quest lines interface with adventuring difficulties that are out in the wild at certain levels. So that's going to predicate me- that's going to be a predicate for me to achieve a certain level in order to complete some of these quest lines and achieve that master status. So you will you will likely not see the ability of a level one alt character having the access to high level mineral mining, or any other type of gatherable out there.[66]Steven Sharif

Artisan mastery

A character may only ever master one of the three parent artisan paths (Sammeln, Verarbeitung or Handwerkskunst).[69][70][65][71]

  • A character will be able to achieve up to tier 3 or tier 4 proficiency in professions that are not mastered.[70][72]
Players will have the opportunity to dabble in all of the professions at a very beginners level and then that gives them an understanding of what that profession feels like and then allows them to pinpoint the direction that they want to go in to master particular professions.[72]Steven Sharif
  • Characters may change which professions they master.[73]
  • Based on testing, it may be decided to limit profession mastery certificates to a capped value.[74][75]
Becoming a master Crafter or a master Processor or a master Gatherer should be a significant time investment and resource investment; and because of that it should also be something that when you achieve that status it's like people on the server know who you are.[76]Steven Sharif
  • Masteries aren’t just about making an item. They grant many things, including titles, access to items, bargains, and quests. [77]
  • Previously it was stated that with considerable effort a player can master all professions within a mastered parent artisan class.[78][79] This was later changed to a player being able to master some but not all professions within a mastered parent artisan class.[80][81] This was changed to being able to master up to two or three professions within a mastered parent artisan class (subject to testing).[70] The current stance is being able to master up to two professions.[69]
Q: What would be the daily activities for someone at level 50 with a maxed out artisan tree?
A: The daily activity might be something along the lines of, depending on what type of profession or processor you are, of interacting with fellow artisanship individuals to wheel and deal on supply and demand chains; orchestrating and participating and caravan roads that move materials across the world so that you can satisfy buy orders and/or commission requests. Participating in unique trades and/or dungeon experiences that have the opportunity to acquire unique crafting materials so that you can create the dragon's legendary sword and sell that potentially. Finding unique harvestable materials in remote parts of the world or engaging in treasure map finding for again unique materials and/or processing things. There's a whole host of different intents that are loops for the players to participate in that again are situationally relevant based on the world state.[82]Steven Sharif

Rassen- oder Klassenbeschränkungen im Handwerk

Handwerkskunst will not be race or class locked.[83]

Artisan gear

Artisan gear will boost artisans in their gathering, processing, or crafting professions.[9][10]

Gear for artisans are going to live alongside your adventuring gear. So you will currently- the approaches, and we'll test this but currently- the approach is you'll have artisanship oriented gear. This might be beneficial for your gathering; it might be beneficial for your processing, or crafting, or whatever it is- your profession. Essentially you will craft that gear, you will equip that gear, it'll live almost as a undergarment slot so to speak; and then you can activate that and it will show the appearance if you wish during the activation when you gain the benefit from the from the gear itself; and then could disappear afterwards and go back to your adventuring gear. That's the current approach. We're going to play with that a little bit. There's some discussion and disagreement on the team about how we do that, but our hopes are for Alpha two, we will have I think a couple of sets at least. We're demonstrating all of the artisanship from gathering to processing to crafting in limited fashion in Alpha 2 want to have that gear present to play with this approach.[9]

Handwerkliche Lieferkette

AshesOfCreation Screenshot 009.jpg

Artisans within Ashes of Creation must choose a path in their artisan skill tree. This inter-dependency establishes a supply chain from raw materials to finished product.[86][24] Each stage of the chain may require caravans to transport goods from one artisan to another.[18]

  1. Obtaining raw materials:[87]
  2. Refining the raw materials with the Verarbeitung profession.[24]
  3. Handwerkskunst the finished product using its crafting recipe.[24]

As a crafter you're going to want to know where certain recipes can be fulfilled; which nodes have the capability of creating what you've processed material that you've gathered for; and then you're going to want to plan out your route to either transit the goods there or make sure that you're situated in the area so that you can go out collect and build in that area as well. So there's a lot of planning that's going to be necessary.[89]Steven Sharif


Sammeln lumber in Alpha-2.[90]

The first major reveal is that in Ashes of Creation we have now expanded the resource gathering system to include a great many of what the world is showing you of these resources. So when you see a tree, you can chop a tree. If you see a rock, you can mine a rock.[90]Steven Sharif

Sammeln ore in Alpha-2.[91]

Looking at this this rock here, I don't know what that rock is before I actually complete the Harvest. But after I complete the Harvest I see that I collected basalt in the bottom right hand corner.[92]Steven Sharif

Sammeln is one of the artisan classes in Ashes of Creation.[93][94]

  • Many of the visible resources (such as Trees and Ore) in the open world are gatherable.[90]
    • This is a change from Alpha-1 where a limited number of resource locations were highlighted with "sparkles" to indicate they were gatherable.[90][95][93]
  • The exact type of resource present within a resource node is not known until the node is harvested.[92]
There's a bunch of different things in Ashes that will be gatherable. We have plants and trees and rocks and fish and animals and creatures that can be tamed; and we're thinking to reach the visual fidelity bar and to have things a little bit more rooted in what we know is that it wouldn't really make sense for you to just see gold all over the world in the same way that you would plants and trees; so we wanted to get feedback on what players think about some of the different gatherable types having different things that you would have to know and expect from them. So rocks are a good example of this, where you can see a rock but until you crack that thing open you don't know if it's full of stone, crystals, rubies, gold. So we wanted to try that out with some of our gatherables to have players have to open this thing up- and that's not to say that we players won't stumble on a nice load, or vein, or geode of gold, but most of the stuff that they would they would find to the world, unless they they look hard enough, would require them to crack that stone open.[92]Kory Rice
Certain low level gatherables will have a tiered progression into higher level crafting. So for example if I'm gathering... leaves of the blue petal flower to craft a pigment that's going to be used in the development of a tunic that I can wear at level one, then I may need to collect those in order to craft the pigments to craft a greater pigment that might be present in the in the crafting of a higher level item. So it's going to be a tiered progression so that materials have relevancy throughout the different levels of of crafting; and that's important from an economic stability standpoint. You need to have layered demand from a supply standpoint so that players who are interested in collecting and gathering those materials still are relevant when the later level items are crafted.[99]Steven Sharif


Verarbeitung is one of the artisan classes in Ashes of Creation.[29]

The intent is that there are also public spaces where animal husbandry and farming can be utilized... Those systems provide opportunities for players who might be more solo-oriented, aren't a part of a family, don't think they'll be able to acquire a freehold, but still want to participate with those particular particular types of professions. But they may not do it at a mastery level as a result; but they'll still have access to lower-tier versions of that so that they can progress through that particular profession up to a degree.[103]Steven Sharif

Aufwertung von Gegenständen

Verzaubern ist kein eigenständiger Handwerksberuf. Schriftgelehrte erstellen Schriftrollen die von verschiedenen Berufen verwendet werden können, um Verzauberungen zu erschaffen , die sich auf diesen Beruf beziehen. [104][105]

Du forcierst nicht wirklich die Stufenanforderungen oder die Identität dieses Gegenstands. Du kannst es verbessern, du kannst es verzaubern, aber es ist immer noch der Gegenstand, der es ist.[107]Steven Sharif

Reparieren von Gegenständen

Schmiedekunst concept art.[109]

For example: if you have an iron sword and then the sword gets damaged from use, you have to use more iron to repair it; and what that does is... make sure that there's significant sinks in the game for base materials so that you are creating a scarcity and demand that's present on the creation of higher goods as well as supplying the necessary decay components for the world.[110]Steven Sharif

Reparatur von Gegenständen will cost crafting materials.[111][110][112]

There will be ways to repair destructible structures (such as walls and gates) and also repair (or re-craft) siege weapons that were damaged during sieges.[118]

  • This is a long term design goal that was not present during Alpha-1.[118]
There's a lot of ancillary activities that can be had during sieges... It's obviously strategy and tactics and raid-versus-raid components, but also you want to have individual contributions where players can do things during the siege to aid in the greater effort so to speak; and it doesn't require you having 50 people by your side to effectuate that influence over something. So repairs are great ways to do that. Repairs for walls, repairs for gates, being able to spawn and essentially craft the designs for specific types of siege weapons to provide those to the team.[118]Steven Sharif


info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.
We're going to have a UI... you're gonna put the resources in or they're gonna put the resources in. It'll be like an escrow system and then once [the job] is complete you'll get the item they'll get the money.[119]


Handwerksklassen (Sammeln, Verarbeitung, Handwerkskunst) is expected to come online fully in Alpha-2 and the Betas.[120][121]

Crafting honestly will not come online in any sense of its true form until Alpha-2. Alpha-1 has essentially what are intended to be the core gameplay loop of crafting, meaning the collection of materials, the translation of those materials into processed goods, and the use of those processed goods into item acquisition. That's the core gameplay loop that is currently present in Alpha-1. But those are mostly facilitated piggy backing the merchant systems right now and not actually using the real crafting system; and that's because crafting hasn't been completed in a form that can be implemented in Alpha-1, but will be for Alpha-2. What's present in Alpha-1 doesn't even really scratch the surface for crafting.[121]Steven Sharif


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