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(Weitergeleitet von Levels)
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Alpha-1 frühe Darstellung eines level-ups Effekt von Jim Sanders.[1]

Etwas cooles das wir alle lieben und uns einen großen Dopamin Schub geben, ist die Reaktion eines Level-ups. [1]Steven Sharif

Stufenaufstieg wird nicht einen traditionellen Weg einschlagen, jedoch existieren klassische Mechaniken dafür.[2] Erfahrung erhält man durch verschiedene Aktivitäten:[3]

Das Level eines Charakters wird für andere Spieler nicht sichtbar sein.[4]

Der Schaden wird durch die Difference in Levels, in PvP und PvE, nicht gedämpft.[5]

Wenn ich eine Fähigkeit habe, die eintausend Schaden, auf ein Ziel gleichen Levels, verursacht, will ich nicht, dass diese Fähigkeit Null Schaden an einem Ziel ausübt, dass fünf Level über mir ist.[5]Steven Sharif


The level cap at launch is expected to be level 50.[6][7]

  • On release the developers anticipate max level should be attainable in approximately 45 days if playing 4-6 hours per day.[8][9]
  • The developers estimate that players will reach level cap before a quarter of nodes reach Dorf (Stufe 3).[6]
  • Alpha-1 had progression to level 15.[10]
  • Alpha-2 expects progression to level 35 (subject to change).[11]

Lower level characters will have usefulness in mass combat (such as Node-Belagerungen) that is not directly dependent on their level, such as manning siege weapons, helping repair fortifications, bringing proximity-based buffs to key positions, using stealth or scaling walls. These types of things are relevant to the tide of battle and do not require the player to be max-level or have high combat stats.[12]

The idea is not to be a game where somebody can essentially no life for a week and be max level. The idea is to incorporate some significant chunk of time but still respect the casual player, because the way we respect the casual player is not everything is driven in our game through the adventuring progression line. Not everything is driven through your class level per-se. There's a lot of different progression paths that are available and make you relevant within certain systems and mechanics within the game; and some of those paths are more casual friendly and some of those paths are more hardcore friendly. So with regards to the adventuring class, the idea is to make sure that investment needs to be pretty significant and that the reward then is respective of that investment.[8]Steven Sharif


Levels, stats, or skills will not be scaled to allow low level players to participate in encounters with higher level players or world bosses.[13][14][15]

Q: Will world bosses scale when it comes to player levels and is it based on players or the zone itself leveling?
A: They will not scale based on player level, no.[13]Steven Sharif


Experience (XP) is gained through a variety of vertical and horizontal progression paths, such as PvP, PvE, Erforschung, Sammeln/Verarbeitung/Handwerkskunst, and Events/Aufträge.[16][3]

  • Experience gained from killing mobs and bosses when in a group is divided by the number of party members based on damage done by the group (compared to any other parties attacking that mob or boss).[17]
    • A multiplier is then applied that increases with the number of party members.[18] The multiplier is between 1.3 and 1.4 (approximately).[19]
    • Experience gained also takes into account the difference between the party's highest and lowest level characters.[18]
    • Experience gained from quest rewards is not shared with other party members.[19]
  • Experience gained is not affected by looting rights.[17]
  • Experience will be awarded for participating in objective-based PvP on a diminishing returns basis.[20]

Rested experience

Tavernen offer rested experience (rested XP) for those who rent rooms or spend time as patrons of the tavern.[21][22]

  • Rested experience allows players to gain experience at a faster rate for a period of time.[22]
  • There are no current plans to replace rested experience with another bonus for max-level players.[23]
  • Rested experience increases the rate that experience debt is paid back.[24]


Alpha-1 Vorschau der Talent Benutzeroberfläche.[25]

This is where players allocate skill points into either their active skills, their passive abilities- which can augment their usage of weapons and armors and health regeneration and passive stats and stuff like that-- but on the weapons side of things, that's where you will spec into certain types of procs based off of weapon groupings. So we've talked a little bit about this in the past: If you have a dagger, daggers might have a chance to proc a bleed on your weapon attack and that would synergize with an active skills' ability like let's say Backstab that does additional damage if the target is under a bleed effect. Now we have said in the past that players will be able to allocate skill points into their active skills that are more geared towards either action combat or tab targeting.[26]Steven Sharif

Spieler erhalten Talentpunkte wenn sie im Level aufsteigen. Diese können genutzt werden um Aktive, Passive oder Kampf/Waffen- Talentbäume zu erlernen/verbessern.[27][28][29][30]

Making active skills capable of receiving additional skill point allocations and unlocking additional features so that from a player agency standpoint it's going to be up to you whether or not you want to be more diverse but less depth- wider and not taller, in some of these skill choices. Or if you want to be very very tall, that's going to be something that is up to the player in that regard.[33]Steven Sharif


Fortschritt occurs through a variety of pathways.[34][35]

Having the ability to gain power at a sacrifice... That's a way to reach a horizontal type of progression. It may not be entirely, because there could potentially be a meta if balancing isn't done correctly; but the objective there is to make sure we have both vertical and horizontal progression in the game.[38]Steven Sharif
Multiple playstyles should be relevant and viable. Additionally, you have a spread between casual players and hard-core players; and most of us exist somewhere on that spectrum. The progression path in a society or religion is more conducive to the time we have to play. Whereas, someone else may be playing several hours a day, and they have a better opportunity for the raid/level progression that might require some more dedication. So we want to have these different progression paths available to accommodate the different times in our lives that we have to play the game. And all of those types of progressions will make us relevant in some way shape or form to the general world.[40]Steven Sharif
The way that Ashes is constructed is there are multiple paths of progression from a from a PvX perspective, a wide net perspective that players have interest in; and you're not going to be able to become the master of everything. So you're going to have to pick and choose, but even picking and choosing that gives you a place within that aspect of the world at a place that's going to be something that you can build up a reputation around.[34]Steven Sharif
  • The ratio that various progression systems influence player power will evolve over time. In the early game adventuring level may be the dominant influence on player power. Ausrüstung may become more influential on player power closer toward endgame.[42]
Q: Could you explain in detail what you mean by 50% of player power when talking about gear influence on player power?
A: That's just a general allocation of what players can expect to pursue when enhancing their player character power. Now obviously, the distribution and ratio of those types of influences, whether it be itemization, whether it be level, whether it be, augments choices, and/or skill tree choices: those influences and ratios change through the leveling curve. So, at lower levels your character level is going to be more influential over character power than itemization will be, but at endgame or higher levels, or at the end of the adventuring level progression, that's when itemization really gets an emphasis for its ratio of player power.[42]Steven Sharif
The game hosts a wide array of progression paths, and some of those paths will grant additional paths to augmenting your threat generation. This can be in the form of enchantments and stats ... and even in the form of augments granted from societies and religions. Gear and skills choice are also a big component.[44]Steven Sharif


Wenn ein Spieler mit seinem primären Archetyp (Primärklasse) Fortschritte macht, hat er die Möglichkeit, einen sekundären Archetyp zu wählen, um seine primären Fähigkeiten mit Effekten aus seinem sekundären Archetyp (Sekundärklasse) zu erweitern.[45] Die Kombination von primären und sekundären Archetypen wird als Klasse bezeichnet.[46][47]

If a Kämpfer were to choose Magier as a secondary archetype, the fighter would become a Spellsword. This combination opens up augments that can be applied to skills in their primary skill tree. Fighters have a Rush skill that allows them to rush towards a target; and upon reaching the target, deal an amount damage with a chance to knock the target down. A Mage's escape augment could be applied to the rush skill, which would now teleport the player to the target; thus eliminating the charge time on the skill.[45]

Jede Fähigkeit im Primärbaum verfügt über mehrere Erweiterungsoptionen aus dem Sekundärbaum. Dies ist ein Beispiel für einen horizontalen Fortschritt.[45]

Spieler erhalten Fähigkeitspunkte, je nach Stufe. Diese können verwendet werden, um die Fähigkeiten innerhalb des Fähigkeitsbaums zu verbessern.[48]

  • Es wird nicht möglich sein, alle Fähigkeiten in einem Fähigkeitsbaum zu erreichen.[48]

Zonen und Entwicklung

Dungeon, Schlachtzüge, Weltbosse, Mobs, Aufträge, Events, Ressourcen, Narratives and other content within a node's ZOI will have a diverse level range; but will scale with the advancement of that node and its racial influence.[49][50][51]

  • Portions of the spawn tables (for mobs and resources) are static and other portions are dynamic and adapt to node development.[52]
We don’t have a strictly level 25 zone. Instead, that zone might have some level 10 creatures near the road, some level 20 creatures deep in the forest, and some level 30 creatures up the mountain. These ratios will change based on the Nodes that inform them, becoming generally more dangerous as the Node grows. All this civilization attracts the attention of Things-That-Should-Not-Be. This does not mean that wilderness areas are safe, by any means. Some may be safe-er, but all will have dangers that even the most experienced traveler needs to watch out for.[53]Steven Sharif

End game

Ashes of Creation will not have a typical end-game where content is essentially static and repetitive. Instead, max-level characters will be able to engage with many different gameplay loops that open up based on how the world progresses over time.[54][15]

Endgame to me communicates static. It is static structure. Okay, you've entered this loop, now and this is your end-game loop that you will repeat over and over. Whereas instead, the approach for Ashes is you have now reached a point where all of these loops are relevant; and the loops are present to you depending on how the community engages the world. And it's up to you to identify the most promising loops because you have a finite amount of time and resources in which you can engage with them. And that's then where strategy becomes a part of the picture: How will I choose to engage with these loops to maximize my return, or to maximize the specific benefit I wish to bring in individual, group, myself, or guild.[54]Steven Sharif
Part of the whole experience with nodes is that there is no real end-game, in that the world is constantly shifting every day. Month one is going to be really different from month two; and that's for the level 50s and level 1s.[15]Jeffrey Bard


Repetition (Wiederholung) wird nicht Teil des Leveling-Fortschritts in Ashes of Creation sein.[55]

AFK leveln

Es wird kein AFK-leveling in Ashes of Creation geben.[57]

Wir wollen, dass das Spiel gespielt wird. Gibt es Dinge in dem Spiel, die man erreichen kann ohne zu spielen, haben wir etwas falsch gemacht.[57]Jeffrey Bard

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