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At the Metropolis stage, the Scientific node’s unique building becomes the Academy. In addition to the abilities that the Library, College, and University offers, the Academy adds the following new services, including (but not limited) to:[1]

Scientific nodes

Wissenschaftliche Metropolen bieten eine schnelle Reise zu Knotenpunkten innerhalb ihrer Einflusszone.[2]

Scientific node benefits

Scientific nodes that have reached the metropolis stage unlock the Teleportation superpower.[1]

  • Citizens of metropolis scientific nodes may teleport between the metropolis and any of its vassal nodes, regardless of the stage of the vassal node, so long as the vassal node is not at war.
  • Citizens of vassal nodes may teleport to their metropolis node and back.
  • If there are multiple scientific metropolises, then an airship will provide faster travel between those scientific metropolises for citizens of those nodes and their vassal nodes, so long as the metropolises are not at war.

This will allow Citizens and Vassals of Scientific Metropolises to do things more quickly than others, as fast travel is limited in the world of Ashes of Creation. They’ll be able to exchange goods and information with ease and get to locations in the world at a quicker speed in order to gather crafting materials to create recipes, as well as participate in limited-time events.[1]

Unique node buildings

Each node type has a unique node building associated with it that can be activated at the Village stage of node advancement. The unique building plays a central role in the progress of civilization for a server.[4]


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