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Pre-alpha rogue climbing a Metropole wall.[1]

We have what are called utility skills and a lot of MMORPGS really only focus on active combat skills, but some of the favorite things that I've had as a gamer is tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, and there are skills in those games that are relevant to either your environment or the quest line; and they're a little bit you know sometimes "story mode".[2]Steven Sharif

A utility skill is a non-combat skill that interacts with the environment.[3][4][5] Utility skills lend themselves toward how classes navigate and deal with hazards in the world.[6]

  • Klassen will have different utility abilities, such as detecting traps and other hazards.[3][4][6] For example: The Mage's detection spell casts light and reveals magical explosive hazards.[7]
    • Certain classes are able to climb/parkour in certain areas.[8][9] This is not a free-form ability. It will likely be restricted to certain quests, locations or objects.[10][11]
    • Certain classes (such as Rogues) will have stealth abilities.[12]
Q: What kind and how many special or unique activities can we expect classes to perform outside of combat, such as rogue's opening locks, tracking enemies as a ranger, or removing corruption from the ground as a cleric?
A: Just thirty minutes ago I was talking about those utility abilities like finding tracks, or cleansing poisons, arcane eye to reveal secret passages. The idea is how do we blend the traditional tabletop RPG role of utility and/or skill checks into the setting of a graphical MMORPG; and I think that it's both a complement of the skill kit that's available and how it interacts with the world for those curated or special designs within these locations. So to answer that question: that is intended- we've shown a little bit of that in the past and it is something that we want to make feel compelling and rewarding and viable as a use-case scenario in many different settings that you might find yourself in within the world.[3]Steven Sharif
  • All classes will have maneuverability/traversal utility abilities.[13]
  • Utility skills exist that can help players discover hidden paths and entrances and may lead to discovering hidden quests while exploring.[4]
  • Certain objects exist in the world (such as ladders and slides) that aid player mobility.[14]
We don't just have the approach of your class being reflected in your combat abilities but also there are utility abilities that certain classes have that other classes don't have.[15]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.
  • There will be a grappling hook utility skill or item.[16]
  • Rogues may also have a spyglass utility skill.[6]

List of utility skills

info-orange.pngDieser Abschnitt enthält Informationen aus frühen Testphasen. Er wird aktualisiert, sobald neue Informationen verfügbar sind.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Blink Blink.png Instantly teleport a set distance in the direction you are moving.[17][18] - -
Camouflage Grants stealth at a distance. At mid and short range the Ranger is revealed.[19] - -
Teleportation zu Familienmitgliedern Long duration cast (30 seconds to a minute) with an approximate 30 minute cooldown that slowly summons each of your family members to your location (up to eight members).[20][21] Players cannot be summoned in the following cases:
This will be tested in Alpha-2.[24]
- -
Pfadfinder Reveals corrupted player locations on the bounty hunter's map.[25][26] Activating this ability will flag the bounty hunter for combat only to corrupted players for a period of one hour from the time of activation.[25] The pathfinding ability can be toggled on or off.[25][27] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[28] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[28]
Shell Shield.png Create a protective magical shell around yourself that absorbs a large amount of damage before breaking.[29][30] - -
Stealth This does not render a player completely invisible.[31] Instead, there will be indicators that can help players "feel out" where stealthed individuals may be.[32] - -

Jumping puzzles

Jumping puzzle in Alpha-1 im Eingang eines Dungeon. [33]

Jumping puzzles werden gelegentlich in der Welt vorkommen.[34]

Atmen unter Wasser

Mechanics for breathing underwater:[36]

Death by drowning is possible.[37][38]

  • Players that drown will respawn on shore.[37]


Pre-alpha Mage's detection utility skill casts light and reveals magical explosive hazards.[39]

Dunkelheit, als ein umweltbedingtes Hindernis, wird als ein Teil der Spielmechanik angesehen.[40]

Wie sehr wir das vertiefen, hängt davon ab, wie viel Spaß es tatsächlich macht; wir sind noch dabei, das herauszufinden. Sofern wir ein paar interessante Mechaniken finden, und es nicht frustrierender als spaßig ist, solltest du auf jeden Fall deine eigene Fackel mitbringen.

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