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Throughout Ashes of Creation, the player has an opportunity to participate in massively multiplayer siege warfare. Since castles are likely the world’s most limited resource, it will be a task to secure and hold them. Involving hundreds of players on a single battlefield, our sieges will employ many moving parts and intricate design features. Because of the difficult nature of taking and keeping a castle there are great rewards available to the players for their efforts. Castles will allow players to exert control over nearby lands and allow for the development of unique buildings in the nearby towns.[1]

Sieges in Ashes of Creation refer to:

The risk versus reward relationship, when, say for instance, you've dedicated time towards building a node and other players have dedicated that equivalent time towards sieging the node, there's going to be a pitched battle between those players... They spend that time doing this because they care passionately about having access to that content.[4]Steven Sharif

There's node sieges and castle sieges: I think the castle sieges will be more structured towards a guild element and having some structure there. Neither will be instanced in the sense of what an instance actually is, which is taking you out of the open world and putting you into you know your own shard of existence. But both will be in the open world. But there will be participation structure in sieging castles. With regards to the open siege on nodes, really the only structural component there and participation has to do with what what node you're a member of, what node you're a citizen of. That will restrict your participation to a particular side.[5]Steven Sharif

Castle sieges

Castle Sieges are intended to be massive events with hundreds of people involved in a single Siege. One of the reasons that Ashes of Creation Apocalypse exists is so we can address the challenges in ramping up the number of bodies that we can handle simultaneously. With our latest test hitting over 200 simultaneous players, we’re ready to push that number even further. Our goal is to have the largest organized PVP battles of any MMORPG.[6]

Guilds participate in Castle sieges in an effort to capture and occupy one of the five guild castles in Ashes of Creation.[2]

  • Sieges occur once a month.[2]
  • The minimum goal is for 250x250 players to be on a single battlefield. It is hoped that this can be increased to 500x500 over time.[8]

A guild that captures a castle will own that castle for a month before it is sieged again.[9]

  • In the first three weeks that a guild occupies a castle they will need to level up each of their castle nodes to Village stage through questing.[9]
  • The fourth week is declaration week, where other guilds have the opportunity to lay down their declaration flag or to sign up as a defender of the castle.[9]
  • Depending on how well the guild defends the castle nodes results in better defenses for the castle.[10]
  • Different siege weaponry will grant the attackers the ability to destroy walls, doors and sections of the castle in order to gain access to the inner keep area.[11]
  • When castles change hands (following a siege), some taxes stay with the castle and some stay with the guild.[12]

There will be benefits to attracting people... even if they're not in your guild or alliance – kind of a feudal like system, where you can attract other players who are just independent of this whole politic. They will have things to do there - benefits to receive - and there will be a reciprocal relationship between who you can attract, what they do for you; and how that benefits you and them.[9]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges are an Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing mode that aims to test castle siege mechanics.[16]

The Castle Siege mode is another example of a playable slice of the MMORPG that Apocalypse is providing early testing for. While it’s a somewhat smaller scale experience than the one you’ll have in the MMO, the overall flow of taking and defending a castle will remain similar. There’s some additional systems you’ll see in the final product, like the influence of Nodes over the available defensive emplacements, the crafting and deploying of custom siege weapons, and the summoning of siege monsters. These are all things that we’ll be adding on top of this mode upon our release of Ashes of Creation.[18]Margaret Krohn



Knotenpunkt-Belagerungen ermöglichen es Spielern, einen Knotenpunkt zurück zu setzen, seine Knotenpunkt-Entwicklung umzukehren und ihn letztendlich vollständig zu zerstören. Dies ebnet den Weg für die Neuentwicklung und den Zugriff auf die gesperrten Inhalte in den umliegenden Knotenpunkten. Aufgrund dieser Dynamik spielen politische Konflikte und Intrigen eine wichtige Rolle in der Struktur der Welt.[23]

Belagerte Knotenpunkte werden für die Angreifer keine leichte Herausforderung darstellen. Städte und Metropolen werden einen erheblichen Abwehrvorteil haben. [23] Automatische PvE Belagerungen können gegen Knoten eingeleitet werden, die aber nicht kontinuierlich aktiv sind. [24]

If you own a home in a node and you don't want to see that home destroyed, you need to defend that city![25]Steven Sharif


Siege alliances

When a siege begins, temporary alliances are formed among attackers and defenders.[26]

  • For node sieges, citizens of the node or provincial nodes being attacked are automatically registered as defenders.[27]
  • There are many reasons to participate as an ally in the attack or defence of other nodes.[28]
    • Titles.
    • Items.
    • Materials.
    • Money.
    • Social bonds.

Many incentives exist that can benefit your node and yourself personally by participating in the attack or defense of cities. These range from titles, to items, to materials, to money. Additionally, aiding others may help you strengthen bonds when your assets are threatened.[28]Steven Sharif

Siege participation

Non-registered combatants are not permitted on the siege field in castle or node sieges.[29]

  • The developers are testing methods for restricting non-registered combatants from entering the battlefield.[30]

Players could potentially intercept stragglers with the guild war or flagging system en route to the siege field.[31]

Players may choose to respawn at their HQ as long as they are registered.[32]

Siege mechanics

A siege occurs over several phases.[33]

  • Certain siege mechanics may be gated for specific size groups during sieges.[34]
  • There will not be a deserter debuff for leaving a siege before it is complete.[35]
  • More will be revealed in an upcoming blog entry.[33]

Siege weapons

It wouldn’t be a castle siege without siege weapons. These are massive machines of war that enable attackers to bring down the walls, and defenders to keep their keep safe. Crafters can bring their own powerful schematics to the battlefield, or you can order baseline siege weapons from your friendly neighborhood siege master NPC. The Castle’s defenders will be able to deploy their own defensive weapons and turrets based on how well they maintained and defended their own Nodes. The sky will be illuminated with fire and fury.[6]

Trebuchet siege weapon.[36]

Siege weapons are able to be crafted or purchased from NPCs.[37]

Siege equipment will require materials, recipes and craftsmanship.[38]

Part of this endeavor of sieging a player-held location (or non-player-held location) is time to prepare; and that includes gathering and crafting these mega weapons or collecting the resources: Whether it be gold or specific quest items to purchase from NPCs.[37]Steven Sharif

Anything that you want to bring into existence in the world is going to be built by players: Whether that is Schiffe, Siege engines, Weapons, Armor, etc.[39]Jeffrey Bard

Siege PvP

Sieges don't use the PvP flagging system.[40]

Siege NPCs

NPCs serve as defense points. Killing them allows the attackers to gain advantages during a siege.[41] NPCs are only killable during a siege and will respawn if the siege is unsuccessful.[42]

NPC guards are intended to be a significant presence but not the main line of defense in a siege.[43]

Mercenary NPCs

Mercenary NPCs can be assigned to players.[44]

  • Players assign them, but don't micromanage them in a similar manner to pets.[44]
  • These will be objective-based and not overly prevalent in the world.[44]

There are mercenary NPCs that can be assigned to players. We've discussed about that before and those will follow generically kind of... a kind of pet system even you know adopted majority of the pet system with the added bonus of kind of objective based points of interest that you can assign them to. But we don't want to inundate the field with these mercenaries they'll be kind of few and far between. They'll be assigned specifically like let's say for example you know as the mayor of a node during a siege you'll be able to assign these two specific players that are citizens within your node and then they'll have those they'll spawn during the during the node siege; or vice versa and the castle siege you know guild leaders can assign mercenaries that are available based on the progress of those subsidiary nodes around the castle siege whether or not you have those available to your defense or your attack.[44]Steven Sharif

Siege objectives

Each node has a number of districts, depending on its stage.[33]

  • Districts are taken by defeating a "raid boss" guard NPC in that district.
  • If attackers take over a district, they gain that district as a respawn location.
  • The respawn time for defenders is increased for each district that is taken.

Defenders can assault the outposts of the attackers to hinder them.[33]

Attackers may not be capable of deleveling a node. Instead they may carry out precision attacks to disable specific service-oriented buildings within the node. These buildings can be targeted with siege weapons and bombs.[45]

As the attackers are sieging a city you know they have obviously a win condition- a win objective- but additionally there can be casualties from a structural standpoint during that process. So let's say if the... attackers were to not succeed in completely destroying the node they could still affect damage across multiple types of buildings that are present within the node, which disables services for that those citizens and also will require some type of reconstruction effort on behalf of the citizens.[46]Steven Sharif

Destructible environments

Destructible environments will be a core element of how players interact with the world, in both Ashes of Creation Apocalypse and Ashes of Creation the MMORPG.[49]

Not just in APOC where we want a completely destructible environment, but also in the MMORPG when it comes to Dungeons and traversing certain areas. We want destruction to be a very core element of how players make their way through the world.[49]Steven Sharif


Acht Spieler desselben primären Archetyps können sich zusammenschließen, um während einer Belagerung monumentale Effekte zu erzielen.[50]

These are the types of systems that we want to put in place where groups of a single primary archetype can come together to summon these types of effects that play off of what the identity of that archetype is.[50]Steven Sharif


Summoners can collaborate to summon larger summons, such as Golems.[51]

  • A siege summon will have an incremental size based on the number of summoners participating in that summon activity, with a maximum of eight.[52]
  • The number of summoners participating in the summon will determine its overall size.[52]
  • All summoners must be in the same party and the party leader must be a summoner.[53]
    • The party leader initiates the summon and then takes control of it.
    • Once summoned, the party leader cannot be changed.
    • If the party disbands, the summon ends. There will be a grace period to handle disconnects.
    • The party may also contain non-Summoners.

It doesn't have to be just summoners, but it has to be a party led by a summoner with other summoners in it.[53]Steven Sharif


If eight Tank archetypes each use one of their summon wall abilities it might construct a larger wall that can divide two raids in a moment; and would require damage and block skills and abilities for a momentary lapse of battle between those two raids.[55]Steven Sharif

Deserter debuff

There is no debuff penalty for leaving a siege before it is complete.[56]


Ashes of Creation gathers tracking data to facilitate achievements, titles and other accolades on a server.[57]

Visibility of those types of things on the server help to promote a competitive atmosphere. If there is an attainable impression that you can work towards, so that others know your success, you have more drive to succeed.[57]Steven Sharif


There will be dungeon and raid leader boards.[58]

Spectating battles

The ability to spectate battles, such as Sieges is being looked into.[60]

One of the issues I did have about that system in Lineage 2, was like you know certain people just have alt accounts logged in and tuned into that thing; and like they would then utilize that information. Which, I guess is you know a means of information gathering. But it's kind of maybe too easy of one. So we're - like i said - we're just looking into that. I haven't decided on that yet.[60]Steven Sharif


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