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Beute-Tabellen (drop tables) of world bosses or dungeon bosses have a small RNG chance of dropping gear (completed items).[2][3]

List of dropped items

info-orange.pngDieser Abschnitt enthält Informationen aus Alpha-1-Tests. Sie wird aktualisiert, sobald neue Informationen verfügbar sind.
Item Icon Item type Rarity Level requirement Set
Carphin Shield ShieldIcon.png Shield Carphin
Longbow of Briarhome RareLongbowIcon.png Longbow Rare Briarhome
Lorica Vindicta Shield LoricaVindictaShieldIcon.png Shield Common Lorica Vindicta
Shortbow of Briarhome RareShortbowIcon.png Shortbow Rare Briarhome
Sword of Briarhome RareSwordIcon.png Sword Rare Briarhome
Tower Shield TowerShieldIcon.png Shield Rare


Glint in a player's inventory in Alpha-2.[22]

You're hovering over an item we call Glint. [It] comes in a few different rarities. It was formerly known as the monster certificates but we have rebranded them.[22]Chris Justo

Glint rarities in Alpha-2.[22]

Glint (previously known as Hunting certificates and Monster certificates) is a bound currency that drops from mobs and players, and is offered as a reward for completing certain quests, events, and achievements. Glint is intended to be the primary method for generating gold in the Ashes of Creation economy.[23][24][7][25][4][5]

Glint serves a very integral role in the economy within Ashes of Creation. It is a material substance that is acquired through various means, but primarily hunting different antagonists within the world; and it is the physical form of Essence within the beasts of Verra. So when you acquire this it is bound to your character, and that is a very important component of the economic systems here because glint will be used to pay for certain services, such as taxation for buildings that you have, or citizenship dues that are necessary.[26]Steven Sharif
  • Glint may be traded with commodities vendors for player commodities. These commodities can then be transported to other nodes (via caravan or merchant ship) where they can be traded for gold.[7][27][4][28][5] The gold value is based on the demand for the commodity at the destination node (over the last seven days) as well as its distance from the originating node.[30][7]


Alpha-2 looting UI preview.[1]

In the group loot obviously there's a lot of functionality here that parties have the ability to customize. There can be loot master, there can be round-robin, there can be need/greed/pass that's applied on a per rarity basis depending on the party's choices.[1]Steven Sharif

Alpha-2 vote to change loot allocation method UI.[32]

Ashes of Creation intends to use traditional loot rules, selected by the party or raid leader.[33][34][35]

  • Group loot rules are defined on a per-rarity basis.[1]
  • A majority of party members must vote to approve any changes to group loot allocation changes.[32]
  • The developers are considering using a double-tap interaction to loot all containers within a close proximity radius.[36]
  • There won't be auto-looting pets.[37]
  • It will be possible to kick a player from a party prior to them acquiring loot.[38]
Yes, technically it would be possible for you to kick a player prior to acquiring loot. However, again because we are a game that relies on social interactions, there are reputations to be had; and if you acquire a reputation as a raid leader, or as a party leader, of doing something dirty like that, then it's unlikely you'll be able to Garner the support of future party members and/or raids to lead efforts against these raid bosses.[38]Steven Sharif
  • Whoever is first to loot gets the loot.[33]
  • A master looter (or lootmaster) is a player designated by the party leader to decide how loot is distributed in a dungeon or raid party.[35]
Need or greed.[1][35]
info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.
Bidding system.[35]
  • Intrepid are investigating a potential bidding system, which allows players to bid on items instead of rolling for them.[35]
    • The highest bidder wins the item.[35]
    • The gold then goes into a pool that is split among the rest of the party members.[35]


Looting rights (also known as Loot tagging) is based on a blended tag and damage done system.[40][34]

  • The first party to obtain a tag (on a mob or boss) will gain an approximately 5-10% edge over competing parties in terms of the total damage done when determining looting rights.[40][34]
    • These numbers will be balanced based on testing.[40]
  • At the end of the fight, the party with the highest damage done, including first tagging bonus, will be granted looting rights.[40][34]
We have a blended approach of damage done and a tag benefit. So if you tag the boss first, or you tag the loot- whatever the loot target is first- you're gonna get a benefit in the damage overall determination. So if you need to have 51% of damage done in order to qualify your raid, or the plurality of damage done if there's even three or four raids, then tagging first might give you a five or ten percent edge. We'll play with that number- balance it based on testing, but generally that's our approach in competing loot rights[40]Steven Sharif
Q: If looting rights are based on a blended tag and damage done system, will there be any mechanics in place to ensure roles like tanks and healers have an equal shot even when they haven't dealt as much damage?
A: That's the reason for the blended approach. The reason that we're doing a hybrid system between tag and damage done is for the purposes of those classes who may not be as DPS oriented as other classes. The tag system- all classes are going to have a sprinkling of immediate effects- of instantaneous casts and they can use that to tag a target, and that'll give them a modifier on the looting rights: So plus 10 or plus 15 will balance that, but it'll give them plus 10 to 15 on overall damage done if they tag the target and then their damage will make up the remainder of that percentage completion. So if I do 50 damage to a target but someone else has the tag I'm not going to be able to claim that looting right. They'll have done the other 50 plus 10 or 15.[41]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.

Master gatherers may have the ability to "spoil" a boss' loot.[42]

If you want to be able to get those mats from the boss, they're just not going to drop for anybody. They will only drop for a master gatherer who is capable of extracting those resources from the creature itself... The reason why we say there's a lot of interdependencies between the crafters of the world and the raiders of the world and our PvPers of the world is because we don't want to house the capability to attain these things all within the adventuring class. We want there to be an influence necessary from the craftsmen's guild to come in to either come and participate and spoil the boss and gather the goods or something along those lines.[42]Steven Sharif

Item rarities

Item-Raritäten in Ashes of Creation.

Legendäre Gegenstände

Es gibt eine kleine RNG Chance seltene und legendaräre Gegenstände zu plündern oder Materialen von Mobs herzustellen basierend auf dem Level, Status und Typ des Mobs. Dies gilt auch für das Ernten von Ressourcen mit einem Sammelberuf.[14]

Auf jeder Stufe vom Sammler über den Verarbeiter bis zum Handwerker müsst ihr bestimmte Voraussetzungen erfüllen, bevor diese Elite-Materialarten im Wesentlichen gesammelt, verarbeitet oder hergestellt werden können[12]Steven Sharif

Der erforderliche Aufwand und die gegenseitigen Abhängigkeiten zwischen den verschiedenen Spielertypen – zwischen Raidern und PvPers und Handwerkern und sogar Rollenspielern und den Tavernen und Unternehmen: den Verarbeitern und Sammlern – all diese Systeme werden wahrscheinlich eine Komponente haben, die sich zum Erstellen oder Herstellen eignet dieser legendäre Gegenstand ... Wir wollen uns von dem hochrangigen RNGd-System fernhalten und stattdessen unsere vielfältigen Fortschrittspfade nehmen, die wir den Spielern anbieten, und die Konstruktionskomponenten zum Erreichen dieser legendären Gegenstände in sie einbauen, damit die Gemeinschaften ermutigt werden, zusammenzuarbeiten, weil Es wird schwierig sein, wenn nur eine Person alles zusammenträgt. Um nicht zu sagen, dass sie es wirtschaftlich nicht könnten, indem sie diese Komponenten kaufen, das ist möglich.[13]Steven Sharif

Bestimmte legendäre Gegenstände können jederzeit auf einen pro Server beschränkt sein. [50][51]

  • Wenn der Charakter den Server verlässt, wird der Gegenstand für den Erwerb verfügbar, unabhängig davon, auf welche Weise er zuvor erworben wurde. [50]

Es gibt absolut legendäre Gegenstände, und das sind keine Gegenstände, die leicht zu erlangen sind, noch werden sie in einer Menge vergeben. Es kann sogar Elemente geben, bei denen es sich um einzelne Elemente handelt, die zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt auf dem Server vorhanden sind.[51]

Eine legendäre Waffe ist leicht durch ihr optisches Erscheinungsbild zu unterscheiden.[13]

Es wird eine sehr kunstvolle und detaillierte Waffe sein, mehr als alle anderen Waffen oder Ausrüstungsgegenstände im Spiel. Es wird auch einige fantastisch aussehende Effekte enthalten, die nicht zu grell sein werden, ihr wisst, dass sie nicht zu hell und glänzend sein werden, damit es nicht gut aussieht, aber sie werden subtil sein und die Leute werden es bemerken und wissen, wow, dieser Typ hat diese Waffe.[13]Steven Sharif

Legendäre Gegenstände sind nicht dazu gedacht, vorübergehend zu sein. [52]

Die Tatsache, dass es nur einen von ihnen gibt ... oder sehr, sehr wenige von ihnen, je nachdem, was es ist. Ich denke, das ist an und für sich eine richtige Balance-Komponente, und Sie müssen sicherstellen, dass die Spieler, die nach diesen legendären Dingen streben und die Zeit, Energie und Ressourcen aufwenden, um sie zu erreichen, angemessen belohnt werden ... Wir tun es nicht die Absicht haben, legendäre Gegenstände zu haben, die vorübergehend sind.[52]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngEinige der folgenden Informationen wurden nicht kürzlich von den Entwicklern bestätigt und befinden sich möglicherweise nicht auf der aktuellen Entwicklungs-Roadmap.

Die Entdeckung legendärer Gegenstände wird weitere Kapitel der Überlieferungen freischalten.[54]

AoE looting

Plündern im Wirkungsbereich ist zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens nicht in der Beutemechanik enthalten. Es kann auf der Grundlage von Feedback hinzugefügt werden.[55]

Caravan looting

Wenn eine Karawane zerstört wird (ein Wrack wird), lässt sie einen Teil der Waren fallen, die sie transportiert hat.[56][57][58]

  • Es können auch Karawanen-Komponenten fallen gelassen werden, wenn die Karawane zerstört wird. Handelt es sich um höherwertige Komponenten, können diese vom Besitzer der Karawane, oder von anderen Spielern geborgen & wiederverwertet werden.[59]
  • Für schwere Güter lassen Karawanen Zertifikate fallen, welche bei der Ausgangs-Node für einen Teil der Güter eingetauscht werden können.[60][58]

The caravan becomes a wreckage upon destruction and that wreckage is an interfaceable item that players can come up to and they can receive certificates for a portion of the goods inside the caravan. Now the idea with that certificate is that it must be taken back to the point of origin, or at least a region within that point of origin. We'll see about that last part because there's a few things I want to test in the Alpha from a gameability standpoint. The reason why for this is because what might happen is you may have some type of collaboration within a guild to game that system. Hey I'm gonna reach this caravan just to the border of the region and then we're all destroy it, collect the goods and take it to that region's warehouse; and have to skip out on the last half of the way. So it must successfully reach its destination before the goods can be considered a part of that region.[58]Steven Sharif

Reit- und Haustier-Beute

Reittiere und Haustiere werden nur sehr selten von Wetbossen gedroppt. [61]

Temporäre Reittiere

Temporäre Reittiere that drop from bosses will age and eventually die.[62]

Player death

Player death in an open world dungeon in Alpha-1.[64]

We don't have deleveling, instead what we have is experience debt. Now the more experience debt you accrue, the greater the detriment to your character; not to the point where you can not get out of the debt. There will always be a way forward to remove your debt.[65]Steven Sharif

When a player dies they disintegrate into ash. The ashes contain any items lost by the player due to applicable death penalties.[66][8][9][10][4]

  • These ash piles are immediately lootable by any player.[8]
It might even be the case that their particular bag space doesn't have available location for a three-by-one log; and you're a lumberjack and they see you just chopping down these trees and you're like, there's no point in me engaging with this person, because I have nothing to gain due to my capacity.[70]Steven Sharif
  • There will be a period of time following a player's death before their mule despawns. Other players must kill that player's mule to be able to loot it.[71]
    • If the mule dies its corpse will contain the same percentage of lootable items according to the player's death penalties.[71][72]
  • Death by falling is possible.[75]
    • Fall damage that occurs while mounted will be first applied to the mount; and if the mount dies as a result, then the remaining damage may overflow onto the player, but this will be determined based on testing.[75]
  • Death by drowning is possible.[76][77]
    • Players that drown will respawn on shore.[76]

Bestrafungen für den Tod

  • Non-combatant (green players) suffer normal death penalties, which include:[10]
    When players die and they take durability loss, our durability loss isn't like other games where it's a gold sink so to speak. It's a combination of both a gold sink and a material sink. So in a sense, even if you only have completed items, when you take that durability loss you are losing out on materials. It's just a debt to the materials that you are losing instead of the active loss of that material in your inventory. So now you are accruing a material debt if you want to repair and increase again the performance of those particular items that take that durability loss.[80]Steven Sharif

Death penalties (mostly) do not apply to objective-based PvP (also called sanctioned events).[92][93][94][95]

There will not be death penalties applied to event-based deaths. The penalties are in the outcome of the event. So your number of deaths is likely going to impact your ability to win that particular event and that's going to be the penalty. This is it to encourage players to opt in to the events right because the more participation we have the more fun it can be; and we understand that the community at large- there's already a risk versus reward component to these events. We don't need to stack on additional risk versus reward to inhibit kind of- to increase the barrier to entry for players who may not be as interested.[95]Steven Sharif

Non-corrupt players suffer reduced death penalties in naval PvP (open seas) zones.[91]

  • These penalties will be less than those for a green player.[97]

Dropped items

Items that are dragged out of a player's inventory are destroyed.[98]

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